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Sponsor Guide

ApacheCon North America 2015 Sponsor...

Thank you for your support of ApacheCon North America 2015, taking place at the Hyatt Austin in Austin, TX from Monday, April 13 - Thursday, April 16.  In addition to a recap of the benefits provided to you, and how to utilize them, this guide also includes all the information you’ll need to participate in the Technology Showcase. If you have any questions after reading through this guide, please contact Maresa Fowler at

Fulfilling Your Sponsorship Benefits…

1. Logo on Event Websites and Printed Conference Signage

Your logo should already appear on the ApacheCon North America 2015 website. If you would like to make a change to either the graphic file, or the url it is directed to, please email that request to Maresa Fowler at We may contact you if the logo we have on file is not of a high resolution print quality.

If this is your first time sponsoring  a Linux Foundation event, please email a hi-res outlined vector vesion (.ai or .eps format) of your company logo to Maresa Fowler, along with the URL you would like your logo to link to on the event website.

Your company logo will also appear on all printed sponsor signage onsite at the conference.

2. Sponsor Registration Passes

Please note that each sponsorship level receives the following number of complimentary passes, which you may use for employees of your company, or gift to customers or colleagues. 

  • Diamond: 10
  • Platinum: 8
  • Gold: 6
  • Silver: 4
  • Bronze: 2

Click here to register your passes - choose "Sponsor Registration" and enter your unique company access code.

Please note: Each sponsor company has a different access code that has been emailed directly to each main sponsor contact by Maresa Fowler, to be distributed accordingly. If you need your sponsor code resent, please email

Anyone from your company that is speaking at these events should use the speaker access code that they received from our Program Manager - please do not register speakers using your sponsor access code.

3. Keynote Speaking Opportunity

Diamond sponsors have the opportunity for a (10) minute keynote speaking session at ApacheCon North America 2015 and Platinum sponsors are given a (5) minute keynote speaking opportunity.

All sponsors are to work directly with The Linux Foundation on signoff for the content of the session. If you would like to take advantage of your keynote speaking opportunity, please email Craig Ross at (please copy Maresa Fowler) as soon as your contract is signed to finalize all details. 

Please note: this sponsorship benefit ensures that you will have a keynote session in the schedule, but it does not qualify a sponsor for an additional speaking slot if you already have a talk(s) that has already been accepted.

4. Session Speaking Opportunity

Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors are provided conference session speaking opportunitites at ApacheCon North America 2015. Each session is (50) minutes and all sponsors are to work directly with The Linux Foundation on signoff for the content of the session.

If you would like to take advantage of your conference session speaking opportunity, please email Craig Ross at (please copy Maresa Fowler) as soon as your contract is signed to finalize all details.

Please note: this sponsorship benefit ensures that you will have a conference session in the schedule, but it does not qualify a sponsor for an additional speaking slot if you already have a talk(s) that has already been accepted.

5. Editorial Interview and Article on

Diamond sponsors can increase awareness of company news/stories by taking advantage of the opportunity to work with The Linux Foundation on an interview and article that will be posted on within one month of the event - receives over one million unique visitors each month.

Please contact Libby Clark, our Digital Content Editor, at and our Event PR Manager, Dan Brown, at to discuss opportunities and timelines for your article as soon as your contract is signed.

6. Sponsor Designation in Pre-Conference Email Marketing 

Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors will receive designated recognition in all pre-conference emails promoting ApacheCon North America 2015 to the entire Linux Foundation mailing list.

7. Message in Attendee Pre-Conference Email

Diamond and Platinum sponsors have the opportunity to increase company visibility by including a personalized message (up to 150 words for Diamond and 100 for Platinum) that will be sent to all ApacheCon North America attendees in a pre-conference email. 

Please send all verbiage to Maresa Fowler by Friday, April 3 to ensure your email message is circulated to all attendees before the conference begins.

8. Onsite Recognition During Opening Keynote Session

Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors of ApacheCon North America will be recognized and thanked in the Opening Session on Day 1 of the conference.

9. Keynote Stage Branding

Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors of ApacheCon North America will have their company logo prominently displayed on all keynote stage screens.

10. The Technology Showcase

On the following pages, you will find all of the information you need to participate in the Technology Showcase this year, including:

  • Showcase Location
  • Set-up, Tear-Down and Showcase Hours
  • Booth Displays and Graphics
  • A/V Order Form
  • Shipping, Storage & Security
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Booth Layout

Technology Showcase Location

Zilker Ballroom Pre-Function, 2nd Floor
Hyatt Regency Austin
Austin, TX

Sponsors must choose, or will be assigned, a booth location and must confirm booth display choice by Friday, March 20. As all booths are located in the foyer near lounge areas as well as food and beverages, displays will be visible during all conference hours. While you are not required to staff your booth for the duration of all hours, it is encouraged to have a display of some sort in place the whole time.

Technology Showcase Hours:
Monday, April 13: 10:15am - 4:00pm
Tuesday, April 14: 10:00am - 8:10pm
Wednedsay, April 15: 10:50am - 4:30pm

Please note that on Tuesday evening, directly after the conference, we will hold an onsite "booth crawl" for attendees to visit each of the various sponsor booths. Drinks and light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Set-up Hours:
Sunday, April 12:  5:00pm - 7:00pm
Monday, April 13: 7:00am - 8:00am

Tear-Down Hours:
Wedneday, April 15: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Booth Details

Each sponsor booth space includes a white counter with a kick panel graphic and (2) stools. Here are the booth and counter sizes for each sponsorship level.  

  • Diamond: 20’x10’ space with (1) 6’ counter
  • Platinum: 10'x10' space with (1) 6' counter
  • Gold: 8’x6’ space with (1) 6’ counter
  • Silver & Bronze: 8’x6’ space with (1) 4’ counter

Below is a quick rendering of the booth counter we provide:
Complete specs for 6ft counter
Complete specs for 4ft counter

Counter Graphics

As noted above, each counter includes kick panel graphics and (2) stools - we can either use your company logo on a white background for the booth graphic, or you can create a custom graphic for this. If you would like to submit a custom graphic, the print specs are as follows:

6ft Counter: 67-9/16” wide x 33” high
4ft Counter: 47-7/8” wide x 33” high

All graphics must be submitted directly to Freeman by Monday, March 23 and must adhere to the Freeman Graphics Artwork Guidelines. Please submit all graphics via the Freeman FTP site:
User ID:  freeman
Password (case sensitive, changes monthly):
Mar - yu3AgeWu
Apr - tHu8rEcr

For questions regarding graphics, please contact:

Crickett Walljasper

Decorating Your Own Booth 

Please note the size of your showcase area if you choose to decorate this yourself.

  • Diamond: 20' wide x 10' deep
  • Platinum: 10’ wide x 10’ deep
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze: 8’ wide x 6’ deep

Booth AV

Each display includes two electrical outlets (approximately 5amps power) and wireless internet access. If you require additional A/V equipment, please view the  PSAV AV Exhibitor FormFor questions or to submit your order form for additional AV, please contact:

For hard-lined internet (and materials handling/shipping fees), please refer to this additional PSAV Internet & Shipping Exhibitor Form

David Franks
Sales Manager - PSAV
Hyatt Regency Austin
office: +1 (512) 480-2083 


Due to limited storage at the Hyatt Austin, please do not send packages to arrive more than (2) days prior to the conference. Deliveries that arrive prior to this will be subject to a $50 daily storage fee. Please complete and return the Exhibitor Services Form to the Hyatt Austin for material handling payment.

To ensure proper handling of your meeting materials, each item should be clearly marked with the following information:

Hyatt Regency Austin - Receiving Department
HOLD FOR ARRIVAL - ApacheCon North America 2015
Attn: (Company Name) - Booth #
208 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704

(# each box as “1 of 7,” “2 of 7,” “3 of 7,” etc.)

**Please note that you are responsible for shipping and tracking your own exhibit materials both to and from the conference venue.

Security & Storage

Our Technology Showcase is taking place within the foyer space of  a public hotel, and although we will have overnight security, we strongly advise that you do not leave important or costly items unattended. Should you require overnight storage for any of your items, please visit the Registration Desk onsite and we will be happy to provide locked storage for you.

With that said, The Linux Foundation, Hyatt Regency Austin, Freeman, nor any employees or staff of these organizations can be held liable for lost or stolen items.

Lead Retrieval

The following number of lead retrieval devices are included with each sponsorship level:

  • Diamond - 2
  • Platinum - 2
  • Gold - 1
  • Silver - 1
  • Bronze - 0

Lead devices will be distributed onsite on Monday morning and collected after booth hours end on Wednesday. Your lead lists will then be emailed directly to your designated point of contact within one week of the event.


If you need any additional information, please contact Maresa Fowler at

Technology Showcase Booth Floorplan

Please note the size of each booth space in the grid below.


1     (8x6)



6     (8x6)



11     (8x6)


2    (8x6)

IBM Cloudant


7    (8x6)

HotWax Systems


12    (8x6)

Linux Foundation

3    (10x10)



8    (8x6)



13    (8x6)

Apache Software Foundation

4    (10x10)

Cloud Foundry

  9    (8x6)


  14    (8x6) Cloudsoft
5    (10x10) GridGain   10   (8x6) HP      


We look forward to welcoming you to Austin!



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