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Leveraging the Android Open Accessory Protocol - Gary Bisson, Adeneo Embedded (View Slides)

Android-IA Scalability Features To Support A Single Build Target – Andrew Boie, Intel (View Slides)

When Security is Not a Developer's Fault - Rodrigo Chiossi, Samsung (View Slides)

AndroVM: A New Development & Testing Environment - Daniel Fages, Genymobile (View Slides)

Android Testing, Tuning and Embedded Development Using Exposed-Board Hardware - Leon Farasati, Qualcomm (View Slides)

Deep Dive into Android IPC/Binder Framework - Aleksandar Gargenta, Marakana (View Slides)

Toward a Portable Lunch Target and the Scaling Problem - Mark Gross, Intel (View Slides)

Hardware Accelerated 2D Rendering for Android – Jim Huang, 0xLab (View Slides)

Android Built for Radio Over IP (RoIP) System Implementation - Henrique Kuehne, Phi Innovations (View Slides)

Accelerating your Android Builds - Eric Melski, Electric Cloud (View Slides)

Bringing up Android on your Favorite x86 Workstation or Virtual Machine – Ron Munitz, Nubo Software (View Slides)

Integrating Sensors into Android Hardware - Rian Sanderson, Sensor Platforms (View Slides)

Android Innovation – Mark Skarpness, Intel (View Slides)

Bluetooth Low Energy in Android: Getting it Done - Lukasz Rymanowski, Tieto; Szymon Janc, Tieto (View Slides)

Android Kernel Upstreaming: Overview and Status - John Stultz, Linaro (View Slides)

LLVMLinux: Compiling Android with LLVM - Behan Webster, Converse in Code (View Slides)

Inside Android's User Interface - Karim Yaghmour, Opersys (View Slides)

Dive Into Android Networking: Adding Ethernet Connectivity – Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent (View Slides)

Jelly Bean Device Porting Walkthrough - Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent (View Slides)


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