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Adding Native Application in Tizen App FW - Dominig ar Foll, Intel (alss13_arfoll.pdf)

HTML5 Applications made easy on Tizen IVI - Brian Jones, Intel Open Source Technology Center (alss13_brianjones.pdf)

Automotive OTA: The Potential and the Challenge - Walter J Buga, Arynga, Inc. (alss13_buga.pdf)

Linux Powered Clusters - Road Less Travelled - Prashant Deshpande, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited (alss13_deshpande.pdf)

Adapt Android to a Vehicle Environment: A Driving-Assistant Use Case - Arnaud Dupuis, Genymobile (als13_dupuis_usecase.pdf)

From Android to Tizen : How to port Tizen OS on an Android Supported Device - Arnaud Dupuis, Genymobile (als13_dupuis_tizen.pdf)

Application Oriented Computer Vision Pipelines for Automotive Industry - Oytun Eren Sengul & Karem Caliskan, InfoDif (alss13_erencaliskan.pdf)

kdbus - Interprocess Communication for the Modern World - Greg Kroah-Hartman, The Linux Foundation (alss13_gregkh.pdf)

Implementing Genivi IVI Layer Management With DirectFB - Takanari Hayama, IGEL (alss13_hayama.pdf)

Introducing the Binary Analysis Tool- Armijn Hemel, Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions (als13_hemel_bat.pdf)

Shorten Device Boot time for Automotive IVI and Navigation Systems - Jim Huang, 0xlab (als13_huang.pdf)

Solution Approach in Migration from RTOS to Linux in Development of Embedded Systems - Hiroto Imamura, NTT DATA (alss13_imamura.pdf)

Silver Bullet of Virtualization (Pitfalls, Challenges and Concerns) Continued - Artemi Ivanov, Cogent Embedded (alss13_ivanov.pdf)

Embedded Linux Productization: An Insider's View - Alexander Kaliadin, Cogent Embedded Inc. (alss13_kaliadin.pdf)

Moving Automotive Software to an Open Source Development Model: Some Unexpected Challenges, Some Interesting Solutions - John Lehmann, Mentor Graphics (alss13_lehmann.pdf)

How Does HTML5 Help Automakers Reduce the Costs of SW Development and Upgrade? - Jade Moon, Obigo (alss13_moon.pdf)

Who can do what for your Linux Development? - Hisao Munakata, Renesas (alss13_munakata.pdf)

Experiences Developing a Wayland Based IVI HMI - Ossama Othman, Intel (alss13_othman.pdf)

Hands on DLNA - Mark Ryan, Intel (alss13_ryan.pdf)

Leveraging Tizen IVI Platform for Realizing V2X Use Cases - Purnendu Sinha, Samsung (alss13_sinha.pdf)

Tizen IVI Platform Development Lab - Geoffroy Van Cutsem, Intel (als13_vancutsem.pdf)

Linux Bluetooth IVI - João Paulo Rechi Vita, INdT (als13_vita.pdf)

Open source compliance BKMs and WKMs - Andrew Wilson, Intel (alss13_wilson.pdf / alss13_wilson_copyleft.pdf)


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