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Slides will be added as we receive them from speakers. In some instances speakers may choose not to distribute their slides, but any that we have received will be listed here.

Message Logging in a Virtualized Environment: Problems & Solutions - Seiji Aguchi, Hitachi Data Systems (View Slides)

LTTng-UST: Efficient System-Wide User-Space Tracing - Christian Babeux, EfficiOS (View Slides)

DMA API Performance and Contention on IOMMU Enabled Environments - Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo, IBM (View Slides)

Intel Math Kernel Library - HPC Perspectives and Latest Advances - Noah Clemons, Intel (View Slides)

Linux Weather Forecast - Jon Corbet, (Slides - LFCS2013 Corbet)

Using OpenLMI to Manage Storage - Stephen Gallagher, Red Hat (View Slides)

What Kind of Practical Open Source Compliance Advice Should You Expect From Your Legal Counsel? - Ibrahim Haddad, Samsung (View Slides)

Translating Open Source Value to the Cloud - Gordon Haff, Red Hat (View Slides)

Free and Open Source Software Diligence in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments - Andrew J. Hall, Fenwick & West LLP (View Slides)

Memory Management in Tizen Kernel - MyungJoo Ham, Samsung (View Slides)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Open Cloud - Mark Hinkle, Citrix (View Slides)

Open Source Practice of LG Electronics - Hyo Jun Im, LG Electronics (View Slides)

Multi-factor Authentication in the Cloud - Dustin Kirkland, Gazzang (View Slides)

10 Years of Xen and Beyond - Lars Kurth, Citrix (View Slides)

Enhancing Hypervisor and Cloud Solutions Using Embedded Linux - Iisko Lappalainen, MontaVista (View Slides)

Software Eats the (Commons/Public Licensing) World (It Should!) - Mike Linksvayer, Creative Commons (View Slides)

Open Compute Project: An Overview - John Linville, Red Hat (View Slides)

Improving Scalability of Xen: The 3,000 Domains Experiment - Wei Liu, Citrix (View Slides)

FOSS Knowledge: A Little Does NOT Always Go a Long Way - Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic (View Slides)

Community Management for Engineers - Thiago Macieira, Intel (View Slides)

The Linux Perf Tool: New Features - Jiri Olsa & Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo, Red Hat (View Slides)

Solving the Puzzle of Multimedia on Linux Deployments - Muriel Paumier-Moscardini, Fluendo (View Slides)

Running Long-Term Stable Kernel on Cutting-Edge Silicon - Hisao Munakata, Renesas (View Slides)

Overview of the Currently Proposed Approaches to enhance the Linux Scheduler - Preeti U Murthy, IBM (View Slides)

The GNU C Library (GLIBC) - Carlos O'Donell, Red Hat (View Slides)

Tooling up for SPDX - Gary O'Neall, Source Auditor Inc.; Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Sameer Ahmed, Wind River Systems (View Slides | Part II)

It'€™s No Myth: FOSS Compliance is Good Business - Phil Odence, Black Duck Software (View Slides)

Qualcomm and Toshiba – Best Practices for Device Driver Development - Prakash Iyer, Toshiba & Danny Petkevich, Qualcomm (View Slides)

Using Task Load Tracking to Improve Kernel Scheduler Load Balancing - Morten Rasmussen, ARM (View Slides)

Host-Based Disk-Mirroring with MD on Mainframe - Hannes Reinecke, SUSE (View Slides)

Evolving the Developer Certificate of Origin - Luis R. Rodriguez (View Slides)

Finding Hardware Latencies in Your System - Steven Rostedt, Red Hat (View Slides)

Cloud - Are We Doing Enough - Robert Schweikert, SUSE (View Slides)

The Value of Fiscal Sponsorship in the FLOSS Community - Tony Sebro, Software Freedom Conservancy (View Slides)

The C Language: It Is Not What You Think It Is! - Peter Sewell, University of Cambridge (View Slides)

Multicore Debugging with GDB - Stan Shebs, Mentor Graphics (View Slides)

NVM Software Interfaces: New Directions - Nisha Talagala, Fusion-IO (View Slides)

Hardware Error Handling Improvement for Reliable KVM Hypervisor - Mitsuhiro Tanino, Hitachi (View Slides)

Network Infrastructure Virtualization with Embedded Power Architecture KVM - Varun Sethi, Freescale & Balaji Patnala, Freescale (View Slides)

AddressSanitizer / ThreadSanitizer for Linux Kernel and User-Space - Konstantin Serebryany & Dmitry Vyukov, Google (View Slides)

LLVMLinux: The Linux Kernel with Dragon Wings - Behan Webster, Converse in Code Inc. (View Slides)

Persistent Memory and Linux: New Storage Technologies and Interfaces - Ric Wheeler, Red Hat (View Slides)

Licensing of Software on Github: A Quantitative Analysis - Aaron Williamson, Software Freedom Law Center (View Slides)

Implementing ACPI 5 Features - Device Enumeration and PM - Rafael Wysocki, Intel (View Slides)

Enable SRIOV on PowerNV Platform - Wei Yang, IBM (View Slides)


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