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Adventures in (simulated) Asymmetric Scheduling - Pantelis Antoniou, Antoniou Consulting (View Slides)

Embedded Linux Takes on the Hard Problems of Automotive - Alison Chaiken, Mentor Embedded Software Division (View Slides)

RFC: Obtaining Management Buy-in for Mainline Development - Kevin Chalmers, Texas Instruments, Inc. (View Slides)

Common Clock Framework: How to Use It - Gregory Clement, Free Electrons (View Slides)

System-wide Memory Management without Swap - Howard Cochran, Lexmark International (View Slides)

BeagleBone Hands-On Tutorial Session 1 Sponsored by and Jayneil Dalal, Texas Instruments (View Slides)

Survey Of Linux Kernel Debugging Techniques - Kevin Dankwardt, K Computing (View Slides)

Using GStreamer for Seamless Off-loading Audio Processing to a DSP - Ruud Derwig, Synopsys (View Slides)

Extending the swsusp Hibernation Framework to ARM - Russell Dill, Texas Instruments, Inc. (View Slides)

Pre-built Binary Toolchains in Yocto Project - Denys Dmytriyenko, Texas Instruments, Inc. (View Slides)

Target Communication Framework: One Link to Rule Them All - Anna Dushistova (View Slides)

Namespaces for Security - Jake Edge, (View Slides)

FIT Image Format: Inspired by Kernel's Device Tree Interface - Joel Fernandes, Texas Instruments, Inc. (View Slides)

Gentoo-Bionic: We Can Rebuild Him. Better. Stronger. Faster. - Christopher Friedt, Research In Motion (View Slides)

Kernel Dynamic Memory Allocation Tracking and Reduction - Ezequiel Alfredo Garcia, VanguardiaSur (View Slides)

Atom for Embedded Linux Hackers and the DIY Community - Scott Garman, Intel Open Source Technology Center (View Slides)

Working Together to Accelerate Linux Development - George Grey, CEO, Linaro (View Slides)

The 'Embedded Problem' as Experienced by Intel's Reference Phones - Mark Gross, Intel/MCG/PSI (View Slides)

Building a Custom Linux Distribution with the Yocto Project - Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics (View Slides)

olibc: Another C Runtime Library for Embedded Linux - Jim Huang, 0xlab (View Slides)

Anatomy of the arm-soc git tree - Olof Johansson, Google (View Slides)

Leveraging Linux - Code Coverage for Post-Silicon Validation - Mehdi K., UBC Integrated Systems Design Lab (View Slides)

How to Build Your Own Digital Signage Solution with Yocto Project - Nitin Kamble, Intel Corporation (View Slides)

Deadline Miss Detection with SCHED_DEADLINE - Yoshitake Kobayashi, TOSHIBA Corporation (View Slides)

Tips of Malloc and Free - Tetsuyuki Kobayashi, Kyoto Microcomputer (View Slides)

The OpenEmbedded Project 2 Years After Adopting the Yocto Project - Koen Kooi, Circuitco Electronics (View Slides)

An Insight into the Advanced XIP Filesystem (AXFS) - Aaditya Kumar, Sony India Software Centre Pvt Lltd (View Slides)

Toybox: Writing a new Linux Command Line from Scratch - Rob Landley, Multicelluar (View Slides)

Debugging on a Production System - Tristan Lelong, Adeneo Embedded (View Slides)

Optimizing GStreamer Video Plugins: A Case Study with Renesas SoC Platform - Katsuya Matsubara, IGEL Co., Ltd. (View Slides)

Security Best Practices for Embedded Systems - John Mehaffey, Mentor Graphics (View Slides)

Making Gadgets Really "cool"€™ - Noor UI Mubeen, Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd (View Slides)

How to Cook the LTSI Kernel with Yocto Recipe - Hisao Munakata, Renesas Electronics (View Slides)

Task Scheduling for Multicore Embedded Devices - Gap-Joo Na, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) (View Slides)

Making Gadgets Really "cool"€™ - Noor UI Mubeen, Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd (View Slides)

Application Diversity Demands Accelerated Linux Innovation - Mark Orvek, Linaro (View Slides)

Your New ARM SoC Linux Support Checklist! - Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons (View Slides)

Anatomy of an Embedded KMS Driver - Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on board SPRL (View Slides)

In Kernel Switcher: A Solution to Support ARM's New big.LITTLE Implementation - Mathieu Poirier, Linaro (View Slides)

Kernel Testing Tools and Techniques - Matt Porter, Texas Instruments, Inc. (View Slides)

Bringing kconfig to EGLIBC - Khem Raj, OpenEmbedded (View Slides)

Making Linux do Hard Real-Time - Brent Roman, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (View Slides)

Understanding PREEMPT_RT (The Real-Time Patch) - Steven Rostedt, Red Hat (View Slides)

Using and Understanding the Real-Time Cyclictest Benchmark - Frank Rowand, Sony Network Entertainment (View Slides)

Designing for Optimisation - Mans Rullgard, ARM / Linaro (View Slides)

Code Sweat: Embed with Nightmares - Dave Stewart, Intel (View Slides)

LLVMLinux: Compiling the Linux Kernel with LLVM - Behan Webster, Converse in Code Inc. (View Slides)

uCLinux For Custom Mobile Devices - Hunyue Yau, HY Research LLC (View Slides)


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