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Advanced Size Optimization of the Linux kernel - Tim Bird, Sony Mobile Communications (lcjp13_bird.pdf)

Btrfs Specific Data Deduplication - Lui Bo, Oracle (lcjpcojp13_bo.pdf)

Introduction to ACPI-Based Memory Hot-Plug - Tang Chen, Fujitsu (lcjp13_chen.pdf)

Linux Kernel Report - Jon Corbet, Editor at (lcjpcojp13_corbet.pdf)

Namespaces for Security - Jake Edge, (lcjp13_edge.pdf)

Open Source Development in Real Business - Yoshiya Eto, Fujitsu (lcjpcojp13_eto.pdf)

Computer Vision Controlled Robots, Powered by the Yocto Project - Scott Garman, Intel (lcjp13_garman.pdf)

Linux Kernel Development - Greg Kroah-Hartman (lcjpcojp13_gregkh.pdf)

One Laptop Per Child - Madeline Kroah-Hartman ( lcjpcojp13_mkh.pdf)

kdump: Towards Fast and Stable Crash Dumping on Terabyte-Scale Memory System - Daisuke Hatayama, Fujitsu (lcjp13_hatayama.pdf)

An Efficient Backup and Replication of Storage - Takashi Hoshino, Cybozu Labs Inc. (lcjp13_hoshino.pdf)

kdump: Improve Reliability on Kernel Switching - Takao Indoh, Fujitsu ( lcjp2013_indoh.pdf)

Status of Memory Hotplug - Yasuaki Ishimatsu, Fujitsu (lcjp13_ishimatsu.pdf)

Virtualizing Real-time Systems with Linux - Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG (lcjp13_kiszka.pdf)

Thermal Management in TIZEN - Jonghwa Lee, Samsung (lcjpcojp13_jonghwa.pdf)

Introduction of LZ4 De/Compressor and Contribution to the Linux Kernel - Kyungsik Lee, LG Electronics (lcjpcojp13_klee.pdf)

Real-time Virtual NIC on KVM for Real-Time Network with OpenFlow (lcjpcojp13_ksuzuki.pdf)

XFS in Rapid Development - Jeff Liu, Oracle (lcjp13_liu.pdf)

A World Without OpenStack and the OpenStack Community - Kyle MacDonald, Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Business at Canonical (lcjpcojp2013_macdonald.pdf)

Tizen Development Model and Open Source Practices - Thiago Maciera, Intel (lcjpcojp13_macieira.pdf)

Standardized Copyright Terms for Contributor Agreements (Harmony Development Project) - Catharina Maracke, Keio University (lcjpcojp13_maracke.pdf)

Case Study: Doing a Live Upgrade of Many Thousand Servers at Google from an Ancient Red Hat Distribution to Recent Debian-Based One - Marc Merlin, Google (lcjp13_merlin.pdf)

Reducing Memory Access Latency - Satoru Moriya, Hitachi Data Systems (lcjp13_moriya.pdf)

Recent Developments in the Linux Kernel Security Subsystem - James Morris, Oracle (lcjpcojp13_morris.pdf)

One User Space Approach to big.LITTLE MP System on Real Silicon - Tetsuya Nakagawa, Renesas (lcjpcojp13_nakagawa.pdf)

CTDB integration - Etsuji Nakai, Red Hat (lcjpcojp13_nakai.pdf)

Introduction to OpenDaylight: An Open Source Community Around Software-Defined Networking - Terry Nakajima, Senior Manager, SDN Business Strategy at NEC Corporation of America (lcjpcojp13_nakajima.pdf)

How Engaging with Open Source Software Affects Business Growth in Japanese IT Companies - Tetsuo Noda, Shimane University (lcjpcojp13_noda.pdf)

Why and How to use KMS as Your Userspace Display API of Choice - Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board SPRL (lcjpcojp13_pinchart.pdf)

Using and Understanding the Real-Time Cyclictest Benchmark - Frank Rowand, Sony (lcjpcojp13_rowand.pdf)

OpenStack/Quantum SDN-based network virtualization with Ryu - Kei Ohmura, NTT (lcjpcojp13_ryu.pdf)

Improve Linux swap for High Speed Flash Storage - Shaohua Li, Fusion-io (lcjpcojp13_shaohua.pdf)

Finding the Long-Term Usable Linux Kernel for the Embedded Products - Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC and Simon Horman, Horms Solutions (lcjp13_shibata.pdf)

Perf in Userspace Program Analysis - Tetsuo Takata, NTT DATA (lcjp13_takata.pdf)

OSEK/VDX over Linux - Naohiko Shimizu, Tokai University (lcjpcojp13_shimizu.pdf)

Hardware Error Handling Improvement for Reliable KVM Hypervisor - Mitsuhiro Tanino, Hitachi (lcjpcojp13_tanino.pdf)

Proposal of Software-based Logical Partitioning in x86 Machine - Hiraku Toyooka, Hitachi (lcjp13_toyooka.pdf)

Bluetooth Smart Devices and Low Energy Support on Linux - João Paulo Rechi Vita, INdT (lcjp13_vita.pdf)

Linux Storage & File System and Memory Management Summit: What is Coming Soon - Ric Wheeler, Red Hat (lcjpcojp13_wheeler.pdf)

Yocto Project Overview and Update - Saul Wold, Intel (lcjpcojp13_wold.pdf)

Shift the Last CPU: CPU0 Hot Plug - Fenghua Yu, Intel ( lcjpcojp13_fenghua.pdf)

Recent Developments in the Linux Tracing World - Elena Zannoni, Oracle (lcjp13_zannoni.pdf)

Yocto Project Eclipse Plug-in and Other Developer Tools Offerings - Jessica Zhang, Intel (lcjpcojp13_zhang.pdf)

A New Scripting Dynamic Tracing Tool For Linux - Jovi Zhang, Huawei (lcjpcojp13_zhangwei.pdf)


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