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For New Attendees

Programs at LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America 2013 for New Attendees

Education and collaboration are vital to the future of the Linux ecosystem, and it is our goal to make sure that everyone and anyone that wants to become a contributor and/or member of the community has the resources to do so, and feels welcome to be a part of the community. To further these goals, we are pleased to offer the following for brand new attendees to LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America this year.

Calling First-Time Speakers to Contribute at LinuxCon & CloudOpen

If you've never spoken at one of our events or any event for that matter, we invite you to make this the year you do. Open source is only as strong as the people sharing and exchanging code and information, and we need your contributions. If you've been intimidated or hesitant about public speaking, this is your opportunity to try it out in a community with a shared sense of purpose and support. Submit your proposals here.

First-Time Attendee Meet & Greet Event

For those attending a LinuxCon/CloudOpen conference for the first time, we invite you to enjoy other first-timers at a meet-and-greet reception on Sunday, September 15th at 5:00pm in the 8 Block Restaurant. It can be difficult coming to a large conference for the first time and not knowing a lot of other people, or the lay of the land, and this is an excellent opportunity to get a brief introduction to what to expect over the week, and meet other attendees who are in the same boat! Joining us to welcome our new attendees will be some key contributors to the Linux community.

Registration is open to first-time attendees only to a LinuxCon/CloudOpen event. Click here to register.

Registration Discount/Scholarships

We want to make sure that everyone who feels like they can both benefit and contribute to LinuxCon/CloudOpen has the chance to be there, even if funds are low. This year, we are encouraging folks that might fall into that category to apply for discounted or waived registration fees so they can join us! Click here for the request form.

2013 Linux Training Scholarship Program

Since its debut in 2011, the program has provided funds to developers and IT professionals who show incredible promise for building Linux careers and shaping the future of the operating system but who otherwise do not have the ability to attend Linux Foundation training courses.

The Linux Foundation is offering one scholarship in each of the following five categories. Each application will be reviewed by a panel of Linux Foundation staffers. 

  • Whiz Kids
  • Women in Linux
  • SysAdmin Super Stars
  • Developer Do-Gooders
  • Linux Kernel Gurus

​Recipients will be notified early- to mid-August and will be publicly announced shortly thereafter.  For more details on the criteria for each category, or to submit an application, please visit the Linux Training Scholarship website.


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