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Co-Located Events

If you are interested in holding a meeting/workshop alongside LinuxCon Europe, please fill out this brief form to provide us the details of your event, and we will be in touch shortly with information and availability.

Scheduled Co-Located Events

Real Time Linux Workshop

Date: Sunday, October 12th - Monday, October 13th
Time: View the schedule here
Cost: Fees start at US$150
Register: Click here or add the workshop onto your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

For more information on the Real Time Linux Workshop click here.

OpenDaylight HackFest

Date: Monday, October 13th
Time: 8:30am-5:30pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Register: Click here or add the workshop on to your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

OpenDaylight HackFests are an opportunity for developers who want to work on the code to come together, face to face, for focused software development on the OpenDaylight Project.  Attendees will be able to meet and work with many of the key developers in the community on the pressing software development issues of the day.  Registration is complimentary for all LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC registered attendees. 

Tracing Summit 

Date: Monday, October 13th
Time: 9:00am-5:20pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Register: Add Tracing Summit on to your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

Click here to view the wiki.

U-Boot Mini-Summit

Date: Monday, October 13th
Time: To be announced
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Register: Click here to view the wiki

HP Helion Openstack® Workshop

Date: Tuesday, October 14th
Time: 2:30pm-5:20pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Register: Add the workshop on to your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

Join HP Helion OpenStack specialists for a technical workshop: HP Helion OpenStack Technical Overview. This is a great opportunity for Developers, Technical IT Professionals and OpenStack enthusiasts to get a technical overview of HP Helion OpenStack Community and how to adopt it in an Enterprise IT environment.

Topics covered in the Workshop:

  • Helion portfolio and global architecture- discussion of overall HP Helion portfolio and where each piece fits
  • Discussion of currently available distribution
  • Architectural walkthrough of Helion OpenStack - discussing HP, OpenStack, and open source components and their relationships
  • Installation and administration of HP Helion OpenStack Community edition

Attendees will get answers to questions such as: What is Helion? What is OpenStack and what is unique about HP’s distribution? and How can I install and test it?

Learn more about HP Helion.

KVM Forum

Date: Tuesday, October 14th-Thursday, October 16th
Cost: US$425 through September 20th and US$500 thereafter
Register: Click here

KVM is an industry leading open source hypervisor that provides an ideal platform for datacenter virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure, and cloud computing. Once again, it's time to bring together the community of developers and users that define the KVM ecosystem for our annual technical conference. We will discuss the current state of affairs and plan for the future of KVM, its surrounding infrastructure, and management tools. So mark your calendar and join us in advancing KVM.

Click here for more information.


Date: Wednesday, October 15th
Time: 11:15am-5:20pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Register: No registration required, view the full schedule here

Infrastructure.Next is the event for people interested in the evolving tools and projects for managing large-scale IT infrastructure. From storage to configuration management to virtualization infrastructure, all the way to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This is a one-day program that will help practitioners learn more about efficiently embracing the software-defined datacenter.

Tizen Mini Summit

Date: Wednesday, October 15th
Time: 11:15am - 5:20pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend
Registration: No registration required, view the full schedule here
Tizen is a general purpose OS for a broad variety of devices, with a particular focus on mobile and embedded.  The Tizen Mini Summit is an excellent way to be introduced to the stack, from Tizen platform development to the APIs and app development.

Community Management Workshop

Date: Thursday, October 16th
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Cost: US$100
Register: Add the workshop on to your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

Presented by Jono Bacon, XPRIZE Senior Director of Community and author of The Art of Community.

In this workshop, Bacon will discuss how to build and grow a community, including building collaborative workflows, defining a governance structure, planning, marketing, and evaluating effectiveness.

Attendance is capped at 40 people to allow for Q&A and discussion. Click here for a detailed program of the event and added benefits of attending.

Yocto Project Dev Day

Date: Thursday, October 16th
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Cost: US$79 until August 24th,  US$99 from August 25th through October 4th and and US$129 after October 4th
Register: Registration is now closed for Yocto Project Dev Day

Some highlights of this year’s Yocto Project Dev Day:

  • Learn how to use the Yocto Project tools including the Poky build system, Toaster and many more
  • Choose in advance a silicon board to deploy your build on, and keep everything in the end
  • Board choices: BeagleBone Black, WandBoard Quad
  • Trainings focused on market specific requirements in IoT or Automotive
  • Training sessions for developers, Yocto Project beginners and advanced

For more information on Yocto Project Dev Day click here.

GStreamer Conference

Date: Thursday, October 16th & Friday, October 17th
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Cost: Fees start at US$100
Register: Click here

The GStreamer Conference is a conference for developers, decision-makers, and anyone else interested in the GStreamer multimedia framework and open source multimedia.

Click here for more information.

oVirt Workshop

Date: Thursday, October 16th
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Cost: No additional fee to attend.
Register: Click here or add the workshop on to your LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe Registration

oVirt strives to become the best open source and comprehensive data center virtualization management suite. The oVirt community is rapidly evolving and growing, and one of the ways its vibrant community connects is through our Global Workshops.  This workshop will be designed to encourage collaboration in our community, lay the foundation for best practices in oVirt use, convey end-user stories, and help answer questions about the project from both a developer and user's perspective. We look forward to seeing you there!


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