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LinuxCon Europe brings together the best and brightest that the Linux community has to offer, including community developers, system administrators, business executives and operations experts. LinuxCon Europe delivers attendees top notch speaking talent (from across Europe and around the globe), innovative and abundant program content, and a wide variety of opportunities to connect with peers. The 2014 event is co-located with Embedded Linux Conference Europe, CloudOpen Europe, Linux Plumbers Conference and KVM Forum.

Watch this video to find out why Linux Foundation events are the best place for talent acquisition and recruitment, brand visibility, product and services showcases, and supporting the Linux community. 

Who Attends

  • Developers - Software Developers, Programmers, Core Maintainers and Linux IT Professionals
  • Operations - IT Operations Experts, System Administrators and Chief Architects
  • Business & Legal - Corporate End Users, Senior Business Executives, Legal Counsel
  • ​Plus Students, Media, Analysts and other professionals with an interest in the Linux ecosystem.


  • 2014 Expected Attendance - 1200
  • 2013 Attendance: 932 (1543 with co-located events)
  • 72% of attendees from Europe, 43 countries represented
  • 89% of attendees surveyed said they visited booths onsite
  • 28 members of the press in attendance

Attendee Job Function Breakdown:

  • Sys Admin/Operations: 20%
  • Embedded Developer: 18%
  • Core Linux Developer: 19%
  • Engineering Manager: 10%
  • IT Manager: 5%
  • C-Level Executive: 9%
  • Legal Executive: 3%
  • Industry/Sponsor/Vendor: 9%
  • Press/Media: 3%
  • Community/Other: 4% (includes 32 students)

Attendee Company Size:

  • 0-100 Employees: 30%
  • 101-500 Employees: 12%
  • 501-1000 Employees: 12%
  • 1000+ Employees: 46%

Attendee Purchasing Role:

  • Makes Purchasing Decisions: 18%
  • Influences Decision Maker: 33%
  • No Role in Purchasing: 49%

Attendee Origin:

  • Within Europe: 72%
  • North America: 15%
  • Asia Pacific: 8%
  • Other: 5%


Media Placements & Impressions

933 media clips

1,594,530 media impressions

Social Media Impressions

36,532,907 social impressions

Social Media Engagements

121,606 social engagements Owned Media Pageviews for Event Coverage

26,041 pageviews

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
  • Support the Linux community
  • Gain mindshare & brand visibility
  • Showcase products, services and new technologies

Sponsorship Opportunities


Available: 1
Remaining: 0


Available: 4
Remaining: 2


Available: 5
Remaining: 0


Available: 6
Remaining: 4


Available: 7
Remaining: 0

$45,000 $30,000 $20,000 $12,000 $6,000  
10x20 10x15 10x10 8x6 8x6 Technology Showcase Exhibit
3 2 2 1 0 Lead Retrieval Scanners
X X       One Time Use of Opt-In Attendee List for Email (through 3rd party) 
X X X     Sponsor Message in Attendee Post-Conference Thank You Email
X X X X X Logo on Conference Signage & Program
X X X X X Logo on Website
150 Words 100 Words 75 Words 50 Words 25 Words Company Description / Sponsor News on Website
X X X     Sponsor Designation in Promotional Emails
X X X     Sponsor Designation in Press Releases
X X X     Recognition During Opening Session
45 20 15 10 5 Conference Attendee Passes
10 5 3 2 1 Conference VIP Dinner Passes
X X X     Collateral in Conference Bag
X X       Private Meeting Room
    X X   Shared Meeting Room
X X X X   Access to Event Press/Analyst List
X X X     Assistance with Press Bookings at Event

Get more out of your participation and increase your brand visibility with the addition of one of our Promotional Marketing Opportunities. Below are some options - let us know if you have something specific in mind that isn’t listed here.

Add-On Promotional Marketing Opportunities

Speaker Lounge ($3,000)

Signage and branded items in lounge.

Developer Lounge ($3,000)

Signage and branded items in lounge.

Massage Lounge ($3,000)

Signage and branded items in lounge.

Women in Open Source Luncheon ($3,500) - TAKEN

Includes large branded signage in lunch area, mention in guide & on signage.

Lunch ($30,000)

Includes large branded signage in lunch area, mention in guide & on signage.

Breakfast & Breaks ($30,000)

Includes large branded signage in break area, mention in guide & on signage.

Evening Reception ($30,000+) - TAKEN

Includes large branded signage in reception area, mention in guide & on signage.

Social Media Wall ($5,000)

Includes your branding built in to the master screen template which will show the entire conference.

Mobile App ($10,000)

Logo branding on screen of mobile schedule app.

Live Streaming - Keynotes Only ($10,000)

Logo branding for anyone who watches live streaming on opening screen.

Please inquire about details and the required sponsorship levels for any of the above opportunities.

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Discounts are available for Linux Foundation Corporate Members. Please inquire for details. For more information or to become a sponsor please complete the form below.

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