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For Women Attendees

Programs for Women Attending LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America 2014

Education and collaboration are vital to the future of the Linux ecosystem, and it is our goal to make sure that everyone and anyone that wants to become a contributor and/or member of the community has the resources to do so, and feels welcome to be a part of the community. To further these goals, we are pleased to offer several events/programs for women attending LinuxCon & CloudOpen this year.

Calling Women to Contribute at LinuxCon & CloudOpen

If you've never spoken at one of our events or any event for that matter, we invite you to make this the year you do. Open source is only as strong as the people sharing and exchanging code and information, and we need your contributions. If you've been intimidated or hesitant about public speaking, this is your opportunity to try it out in a community with a shared sense of purpose and support. The call for papers is now closed for LinuxCon + CloudOpen North America 2014, but not for LinuxCon + CloudOpen Europe! Please click here to submit a proposal.

Women in Open Source Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by GitHub

We'd like to invite all of our women attendees to join each other for a networking luncheonThis is a chance for these attendees to connect with each other onsite. We will begin with a brief introduction and then guests will be free to enjoy lunch and mingle with one another. All attendees must identify as a woman and will need to register to attend. 

Date: Wednesday, August 20
Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm
Cost: No cost to attend
Registration: Click here

Women's Resume Writing Workshop - Presented by Leslie Hawthorn, Elasticsearch

While Linux jobs may be plentiful, candidates still need to ensure their resumes are primed to meet the expectations of corporate recruiters and hiring managers. As part of their efforts to encourage more diverse participation in the Linux and cloud computing communities, The Linux Foundation has teamed up with Leslie Hawthorn of Elasticsearch to offer a resume writing workshop for women. 

During this workshop, Leslie will offer her insights from her time in the trenches as a corporate recruiter for Google's Linux Kernel engineering team. The workshop is divided into two segments. The first focuses on common pitfalls when preparing your resume that women may find themselves encountering more often than men. She'll go over three sample resumes from highly accomplished women she knows and do before and after feedback session with the workshop participants. For the second part, we'll break into small groups and augment each others resume and do a before and after look. 

Bring your resume and your willingness to let your awesomeness shine through. You can be humble tomorrow, when you're not working on your resume! Final location will be announced soon.

The Resume Writing Workshop will be held directly after the Women in Open Source Networking Luncheon. Leslie will also host a Drop-in Open Resume Clinic after the Workshop if you are unable to attend the workshop with no registration required. 

Note: While we are not limiting this workshop to female identified participants only, we do plan to give women first priority for our limited space. Male identified attendees are welcome if invited by a female participant in the workshop and space is available.

Date: Wednesday, August 20
Time: Workshop - 2:30pm-4:00pm, Drop-in Resume Clinic - 4:00pm-5:00pm
Cost: No cost to attend
Registration: Click here

Ally Skills Workshop - Presented by Valerie Aurora, Ada Initiative

The Ally Skills Workshop, presented by the Ada Initiative, teaches men simple, everyday ways to support women in their workplaces and communities. Participants learn techniques that work at the office, at conferences, and online. The skills we teach are relevant everywhere, including skills particularly relevant to open technology and culture communities. At the end of the workshop, participants will feel more confident in speaking up to support women, be more aware of the challenges facing women in their workplaces and communities, and have closer relationships with the other participants.

Participants of all genders are welcome! The workshop works best with about 20-30% women, so we encourage everyone who is interested to apply. For more information on the Ally Skills Workshop click here.

Date: Thursday, August 21
Time: 2:30pm-5:30pm
Cost: No cost to attend
Registration: Click here

Registration Discount/Scholarships

We want to make sure that everyone who feels like they can both benefit and contribute to LinuxCon/CloudOpen has the chance to be there, even if funds are low. This year, we are encouraging folks that might fall into that category to apply for discounted or waived registration fees so they can join us! Click here for the request form.


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