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Presentation Materials

Open Source business and compliance landscape - Jim Zemlin & Mike Dolan, The Linux Foundation    Compliance Summit v2.pdf

Enemy if Open Source Compliance is...Open Source itself - David Marr, Qualcomm   15.11.10.Enemy_.Of_.Open_.Source.03.pdf

Open Chain 1.0 - David Marr, Catharina Maracke   15.11.10.OpenChain.Overview.for_.LF_.Compliance.Summit.01.pdf

Introducing FOSSology 3.0 - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation   fossology-overview-20151109.1.pdf

Beginners Guide to SPDX - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation   Introduction to SPDX-without graphics.pdf

SPDX and Yocto Project - Naimeng Bian & Maohui Lei, Fujitsu   SPDX with Yocto Project.pdf

Thoughts on the (legal) grounding of Contributor Agreements - Tim Engelhardt   Engelhardt Yokohama v1_2.pdf

All My Favorite Things! Best Practices for Open Source License Compliance in the Internet of Things, Containers and more - Shoken Kim, Black Duck Software   Black Duck Nov 2015.pdf

Universal FOSS Exception - Jim Wright, Oracle   Universal FOSS Exception Presentation 2015-11-05.pdf