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The first OPNFV Interoperability Plugfest will take place the week of May 9th in Louisville, CO at the facilities of OPNFV member company, CableLabs. This represents a significant milestone for the project as OPNFV users come together to improve the OPNFV platform.

For our first plugfest, we will focus on the following three key areas of interoperability testing:

  • OPNFV Deployment: Integration with different hardware platforms and installers (Apex, Compass, Fuel, Juju)

  • Network Integration: Integration of OPNFV platform with SDN Controller or other networking hardware

  • VNF Applications: Verification of application life cycle on OPNFV platform(s), including deployments created by different installers

OPNFV platforms will be available through the community Pharos labs.  Participants are also encouraged to bring hardware to the Plugfest site.

The Plugest is open to both members and non-members. In order to allow participation from as many organizations as possible, the number of participants per company may be capped.