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The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is where the world’s thought leaders in open source software and collaborative development convene to share best practices and learn how to manage the largest shared technology investments of our time. From open governance to community enablement, Collaboration Summit provides the venue for business leaders to come together with leading technologists to create and advance the open source infrastructure that runs our lives.

More companies than ever before are using open source and collaborative development, or shared R&D, to create the infrastructure on top of which they can take innovative products and services to market faster. This is creating in most companies a new role dedicated to managing shared R&D through collaboration with industry peers. This requires in-depth knowledge of the hundreds of open source projects available; when it make sense to create a new project and how to do so; what open and technical governance practices should be followed; among many other topics.

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is the annual meeting place for the world’s largest open source projects to come together and explore the latest information on how to start, build or participate in collaborative development. From AllSeen Alliance to OpenDaylight, Xen Project, Cloud Foundry, Node.js and many more, this is where open source business leaders and technologists can advance their company’s open source strategy.

Collaboration Summit is...

  • An exclusive gathering of the brightest minds in open source shaping strategy and implementation across the Linux and Linux Foundation projects’ ecosystem

  • A place to grow a community of people who are committed within their organizations to increasing open source adoption, participation, and collaboration.

  • Where anyone who is anyone in open source business comes to learn and share on topics around governance, and other best practices.

  • The place to identify overlap between open source projects that may not seem connected, in order to create greater efficiencies and encourage cross-pollination of ideas.


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