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The Linux Foundation Legal Summit is a neutral, non-profit legal forum where leading attorneys from companies deploying Linux and open source based solutions, as well as the community, can work together to focus on the issues of greatest common interest and concern, including agreeing upon the next steps to advance the legal defense infrastructure for Linux.

The Linux Foundation Legal Summit invites counsel from member companies to collaborate on how to best protect and advance the Linux platform.

The ​2016 ​Legal ​Summit ​is ​open ​to ​the ​legal ​counsel ​of ​Platinum, ​Gold and Silver ​Members ​of ​The ​Linux ​Foundation as follows:

  • December 12: proceedings are open only to Platinum and Gold Members of The Linux Foundation
  • December 13 and 14: proceedings are open to Platinum, Gold and Silver Members of The Linux Foundation.