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Meet the Maintainers/Ask the Experts

New! - Meet the Maintainers/Ask the Experts Office Hours at LinuxCon + ContainerCon North America 2016

Get the chance to sit down with a kernel maintainer or LXC, filesystems, container and other experts to ask your key questions!

Attendees will be able to schedule one on one meetings with any of the following maintainers and experts:

  Kernel Maintainers   Subject Matter Experts
  Josh Triplett   Dan Walsh
  James Bottomley   Kyle Mestery
  Greg Kroah-Hartman   Josh Berkus
  Shuah Khan   Chris Mason
  Steven Rostedt   Brandon Phillips
  James Morris   Rich Bowen
  Rafael J. Wysocki   Ross Gardler
  Mimi Zohar   Stephane Graber
  Kees Cook   Tycho Andersen
  Mathieu Desnoyers   Kate Stewart
  Tejun Heo   Mike Goelzer
  Stefano Stabellini    
  Serge E. Hallyn    


Book your meeting today! Meetings are first come, first serve - Limited appointments available!




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