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MEF LSO Seminar


The MEF is focused on enabling dynamic network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world, providing businesses an on-demand, cloud-connected, secure, and assured experience. The MEF provides a practical evolution toward interconnected, orchestrated, and automated networks powered by Open LSO (lifecycle service orchestration), SDN, and NFV implementations. The MEF has established a technical framework that includes architecture, information models, services, operational processes, LSO, open source implementations, and certification programs. MEF work is conducted internally and – under the guidance of the MEF UNITE program – in cooperation with global standards organizations and open source projects.

This seminar will explore the impact that LSO has had on the industry and the associated evolution of Service Providers networks.  Through a series of presentations and panel discussions, this seminar will demonstrate that LSO is delivering on its promise to accelerate the implementation of agile and assured Carrier Ethernet services and to improve the operational efficiency of Service Providers.   The seminar will also cover how MEF has worked collaboratively with other SDO and industry players on its LSO vision.

Monday, March 14, 2016   |   10:00am-12:50pm



Access to this event is included as part of ONS2016 conference registration. Option for separate registration are not available. 



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