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CORD Mini Summit


CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) combines NFV, SDN, and the elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacenter economics and cloud agility to the Telco Central Office. CORD has emerged as a very useful and powerful systems platform for service providers and it is gaining lot of traction and momentum among providers and vendors. The ONOS Partnership with other collaborating organizations plan to launch CORD as an open source systems project during the next couple of months. An open reference implementation of CORD built from commodity servers, white-box switches, and open source software defines a general and extensible platform that supports a variety of domains and business units.

Join us for the CORD Mini-Summit to hear experts from the CORD community share all the information you need to know about this project. Talks will cover the CORD architecture, along with CORD services developed for residential, enterprise, and mobile domains. There is also an informal coffee break planned where you can talk with CORD community members.


Access to ONOS Mini Summit is included as part of ONS2016 conference registration. Option for separate registration only for ONOS Mini Summit is not available.



Overview of CORD   (Tuesday, March 15 2.30pm to 4pm)

  • CORD Controller
  • Service Composition
  • Switching Fabric in CORD
  • Third-Party Services

Residential CORD (R-CORD)   (Tuesday, March 15 4.30pm to 6pm)

  • Access Network Redesign
  • ONOS Based Services: vOLT and vRouter 
  • Scalable vSG Performance 
  • E2: A Runtime Framework of NFV Applications
  • R-CORD Sizing and Deployment Scenarios
  • TIC-Based Network Architecture

Enterprise CORD (E-CORD)   (Wednesday, March 16 2pm to 3.30pm)

  • Smart Pipes in the Metro
  • E-CORD Services
  • Open CE and MEF Services on E-CORD
  • VPN Services on ONOS/CORD

Mobile CORD (M-CORD)   (Wednesday, March 16 4pm to 5.30pm)

  • M-CORD Overview
  • Disaggregate and Virtualized RAN
  • Disaggregated and Virtualized EPC
  • A-CORD - An Analytics and Monitoring Framework



  • Larry Peterson, ON.Lab
  • Ali Al-Shabibi, ON.Lab
  • Jonathan Hart, ON.Lab
  • Marc De Leenher, ON.Lab
  • Ayaka Koshibe, ON.Lab
  • Saurav Das, ONF
  • Tom Anschutz, AT&T
  • Tom Tofigh, AT&T
  • Bill Rembert, AT&T
  • Don Newton, AT&T
  • Tang Xiongyan, China Unicom
  • Hui Deng, China Unicom
  • Mingeun Yoon, SK Telecom
  • Marc Fiuczynski, Akamai
  • Sylvia Ratnasamy, UC Berkeley
  • Zsolt Haraszti, Ciena
  • Tejas Bhatt, Cavium  
  • Josesh Sulistyo, Radisys
  • Neeraj Bhatt, NetCracker
  • Srikanth Vavilapalli, Ericsson



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