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ONOS Mini Summit

The Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is a software defined networking (SDN) OS for service providers that has scalability, high availability, high performance and abstractions to make it easy to create apps and services.  Join us for the ONOS Mini-Summit to hear experts from across the ONOS community share all of the information you need to know about this project.  Talks will cover the ONOS platform and community, application development, enhancements, deployments and more.  There is also an informal coffee break planned where you can talk with ONOS community members.


Access to ONOS Mini Summit is included as part of ONS2016 conference registration. Option for separate registration only for ONOS Mini Summit is not available. 



ONOS Platform & Community (Tuesday, March 15 2.30pm to 4pm)

  • ONOS Architecture
  • ONOS as a Distributed Systems Platform
  • How to contribute to ONOS

ONOS App Development (Tuesday, March 15 4.30pm to 6pm)

  • Developing Apps with ONOS - live demos of SDK
  • ONOS Web UI - Designed for Extensibility - live demos of SDK

Enhancing ONOS (Wednesday, March 16 2pm to 3.30pm)

  • SDN-IP: Seamless Interworking of SDN and Other IP Networks
  • Distributed peer-to-peer ONOS provider for a Multi-domain environment
  • Security Mode ONOS
  • System Testing ONOS

ONOS Lightning Talks (Wednesday, March 16 4pm to 5.30pm)

  • Global SDN deployment powered by ONOS
  • KREONET-S: KREONET SD-WAN Deployment based on ONOS
  • Investigating new services for GÉANT using ONOS
  • Migrating AmLight from legacy to SDN: Challenges, Results and Next Steps
  • VTN and SFC Implementation in ONOS

ONOS Modeling (Thursday, March 17 2pm to 3.30pm)

  • Yang Model Vision and Practice in China Unicom
  • YANG Model Support in ONOS SDN Controller
  • NETCONF and YANG integration in ONOS Southbound Interface
  • Adaptive Flow Monitoring & Selective DPI for ONOS
  • Service Models




  • David Boswell, ON.Lab
  • Andrea Campanella, ON.Lab
  • Jon Hall, ON.Lab
  • Jonathan Hart, ON.Lab
  • Simon Hunt, ON.Lab
  • Madan Jampani, ON.Lab
  • Pingping Lin, ON.Lab
  • Luca Prete, ON.Lab
  • Thomas Vachuska, ON.Lab
  • Suibin Zhang, ON.Lab
  • Jeronimo Bezerra, Florida Int'l University
  • Peter Busschbach, Nokia
  • Taesang Choi, ETR
  • Matteo Gerola, CREATE-NET
  • Dongkyun Kim, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  • Patrick Liu, Futurewei Technology Inc
  • Donald Newton, AT&T
  • Michael Scharf, Nokia
  • Dominico Siracusa, CREATE-NET
  • Wei Su, Futurewei
  • Dr. Zhou Wei, China Unicom
  • Changhoon Yoon, KAIST


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