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The following tutorials are included in the main conference program of ONS. They do not require an additional fee or RSVP. Remember to arrive early; seating is first come, first serve. Don't forget to bring your laptop and a power cord.

Additional tutorials are also available on Monday, March 14th - the ON.Lab tutorial, the ONF SDN Market Opps Tutorial and the SDN 101 training. Please click here for details on these three tutorials, which do require a separate registration.


Docker Networking Tutorial
Wednesday, March 16  |   4:10pm - 5:40pm

Attend this tutorial to learn about docker networking, connecting to containers, accessing hosts from within spawned instances as well as connections between containers without topology knowledge and much more.

Brent Salisbury - Software Integration Engineer, Docker
Madhu Venugopal - Sr. Director & Head of Networking, Docker


DPDK / BESS: Fast Packet Processing for NFV
Thursday, March 17   |   2:30pm - 4:30pm

Learn about cutting-edge technologies for high-performance packet processing on general-purpose CPUs. This session will start with Intel's Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), a set of libraries and drivers that can be used to receive and send packets within the minimum number of CPU cycles, develop fast packet processing algorithms, and run third-party fast path stacks. Then the discussion will cover to the Berkeley Extensible Software Switch (BESS) that picks up where DPDK leaves off: providing a modular framework for functions such as L2/L3 forwarding, IPsec, and firewalling. Developed jointly by UC Berkeley, Intel and AT&T, BESS offers both maximal extensibility and extremely high performance: outperforming current soft-switches for OPNFV usage models. This makes BESS ideal for custom applications---unlike monolithic software switches whose large baked-in feature sets consume resources and hamper extensibility.

Christian Maccioco - Research Scientist, Intel Corporation
Joshua Reich - Research Scientist, AT&T
Sangjin Han





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