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DPDK enabled Open vSwitch

We welcome participants interested in DPDK enabled Open vSwitch to attend this one-day event.  There will be 4 90-minute discussion slots to cover the most important aspects of it, take actions and plan next steps together.


The first slots are defined and the last one is open for proposals. 

* Performance improvements- Moderator: Jan Scheurich (Ericsson)

* Usability improvements and testing- Moderator: Daniele Di Proietto (VMware)

* HW acceleration of user space data path and functions -Moderator: Flavio B. Leitner (Red Hat) 

* (open for proposals)


Places are limited so to register a participant or for more information about the event please check the eventbrite link here:


To propose a topic or to reach the organisers, please send an email to:

Robin Giller <>

Rashid Khan <>