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The OPNFV Summit will feature a Proof of Concept (PoC) Demo Zone in the Technology Showcase highlighting industry projects and network operator use-cases featuring real life application of the technology. 

Confirmed PoCs include:


OpenAir Core Network on OpenStack Clouds (Swisscom)

Swisscom Innovation Department will show how to run a complete 4G LTE network, built of only Open Source software. We are using Eurecoms OpenAirInterface ( ) implementation of the 4G LTE stack. The Core Network parts of OpenAirInterface will be provisioned and orchestrated on the Swisscom Innovation OpenStack cloud. The Radio part (eNB) is running on commodity x86_64 Hardware along with a radio frontend. There will be an End-to-End troughput demo, using a standard LTE UE from Samsung.


OpenAirInterface: Open Source Cellular Stack for 5G Experimentation and NFV modelling (EURECOM)

The PoC demonstrates various elements of open source 3GPP Cellular Stack (Rel 8/10) (eNodeB, HSS, MME, S-GW, P-GW) running on Intel x86 architecture and inter-operable with commercial Phone. We will also show Ethernet based Remote Radio Head (RRH) which is developed within the context of OpenAirInterface. All the integration in the demo is carried out using JuJu Service Modelling tool which facilitates easier integration with OpNFV JOID project and allows OAI to run seamlessly on OpNFV platform and integrate with third party VNFs.


Doctor: fast and dynamic fault management in OpenStack (DOCOMO, NTT, NEC, Nokia, Intel)

Doctor is an OPNFV project implementing fault management framework for high service availability in OpenStack. In this framework, there are two choices for handling fault events which will be notified to users immediately, by OpenStack Congress and OpenStack Vitrage. Congress is the Policy Evaluation Engine for enforcing flexible and dynamic failure identification policy defined by an Operators demands.

Vitrage is a new Root Cause Analysis Engine for organizing, analyzing and expanding OpenStack alarms & events, yielding insights regarding the root cause of the problems, and deducing the existence of faults before they are directly detected.

This PoC shows how fast fault recovery is performed by using these two options, thereby ensuring the required service availability of telecom nodes.


Multiple SDN Controller-enabled L3VPN (AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper and Nokia)

This PoC demonstrates an L3VPN enabled datacenter with multiple SDN Controllers from different vendors, including:

  • A common OpenStack networking ecosystem, namely Gluon, is used to initiate the establishment of the L3VPN.
  • Multiple Servers are running different vendor controllers & overlay routing software for L3VPN – MPLS VRFs
  • Multi-vendor routers are running in one subnet
  • Common control plane parameters are shared – BGP communities (e.g. Route Targets (RT)) across the multi-vendor controllers
  • Controllers and routers communicate directly without going through any gateway for east-west traffic


WANO: End-to-end WAN Orchestration for Enterprises (Deutsche Telekom, Inc)

In this PoC, we will show a specific use case of NFV MANO for the enterprise customers of service providers. WANO jointly orchestrates edge VNFs (e.g., vCPE such as WAN optimization, proxy/cache) and on-demand WAN bandwidth for individual applications. Applications and VNFs are monitored in real-time and intelligent policy-based data analytics/optimization algorithms are employed to explore intrinsic tradeoff among computing, storage at the edge and WAN bandwidth to minimize total cost of service provisioning, while ensuring QoE for mission-critical apps.


ETSI PoC #38: Full ISO 7-layer stack fulfillment, activation and orchestration of VNFs in carrier networks (ETSI NFV and HPE)

See how Telstra together with HPE and its partner ecosystem vendors Nuage and F5 solved one of Telstra's key pain points around exponential traffic growth. The issues for Telstra were specifically around control and dynamic access of content, alleviating bandwidth constraints and addressing the challenges of incorporating emerging technologies such as 5G and IOT. Telstra decided on leveraging NFV, SDN and cloud technologies to tackle these issues.




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