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Data, file systems and storage are at the heart of today’s computing environment, with innovation needed to accommodate the need for more data storage capability, at faster speeds with today’s newest hardware. Linux has been at the center of these advances with its widespread use in cloud computing, big data and other data-intensive computing workloads. The ongoing expansion of these cloud services, distributed file storage, and IT automation is increasing the need for data storage systems that are robust, accessible, and scalable. Additionally, hardware vendors have recognized the importance of Linux with many working directly in the Linux community to develop cutting-edge storage hardware, helping transform Linux into a leader in the storage industry.

Vault brings together the leading developers and users in file systems and storage in the Linux kernel and related projects to forge a path to continued innovation and education. By co-locating with the invite-only and exclusive Linux Storage, Filesystem and Memory Management Summit, Vault taps into the expertise of the developers leading these innovations while offering a general technical conference that is open to everyone, creating a place where companies on the leading edge can network with users and developers to advance computing. 

Intended Audience

Vault covers topics that gather:

  • CTOs, CIOs, & IT Management
  • Data Storage Consultants and Specialists
  • Storage System Architects, Developers, & Engineers
  • Data Center & Enterprise Storage Experts
  • Systems Administrators, Analysts, & Engineers
  • Storage System Educators & Researchers
  • Cloud Storage Consultants and Specialists
  • IT Architects, Specialists, Consultants, & Service Providers


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