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The Automotive Grade Linux All-Member Meetings take place bi-annually and are the meeting place for the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, which is dedicated to creating open source software solutions for automotive applications. Although the initial target for AGL is In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems, additional use cases such as instrument clusters and telematics systems will eventually be supported. AGL has participants from the Automotive, Communications, and Semiconductor Industries and welcomes contributions from individual developers.

By leveraging the over $10B of investment made in the Linux kernel and other open source software projects, the AGL Collaborative Project:

  • Enables rapid software innovation for automotive suppliers to keep up with the demand from consumers for better IVI experiences

  • Utilizes the talents of thousands of open source software developers dedicated to maintaining the core software in areas like the Linux kernel, networking, and connectivity, used in systems across numerous industries

The goals of the Automotive Grade Linux Collaborative Project are to provide:

  • An automotive-focused core Linux operating system stack that meets common and shared requirements of the automotive ecosystem with a broad community of support that includes individual developers, academic organizations and companies.

  • A transparent, collaborative, and open environment for Automotive OEMs, Tier One suppliers, and their semiconductor and software vendors to create amazing in-vehicle software.

  • A collective voice for working with other open source projects and developing new open source solutions.

  • An embedded Linux distribution that enables rapid prototyping for developers new to Linux or teams with prior open source experience

This results in faster time to market by jump-starting product teams with reference applications running on multiple hardware platforms.


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