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About Cambridge

Is it “Harvard” or “Hahvahd”?

If you answered the latter, then you will fit right in during your visit to Cambridge. Cambridge, or as some call it, “Boston’s Left Bank”, has a lot going for it. Not only is it an intellectual city, being the home of Harvard and MIT, it also has Toscanini’s which is quite possibly the best ice cream you’ve ever had. They have hundreds of flavors that rotate throughout the year and love giving out free samples. (Insider info says to be adventurous and as for the B3 flavor- brown sugar, brown butter and brownie or bourbon gingersnap). Is your mouth watering yet?

Cambridge has been called the “City of Squares” as most of its commercial districts are major street intersections known as squares. Each of the squares acts like a neighborhood center. Pretty neat, eh? (Toscanini’s is in Cambridge Central Square, in case you were wondering). Harvard Square is home to very important historic sites like the Longfellow House and Washington’s Headquarters as well as the Harvard Museum of Natural History. IF you’d like to venture to another square, head over to Kendall Square and check out Cafe ArtScience where you can buy, are you ready for this? Inhalable coffee! ArtScience is the brainchild of David Edwards, also known as the Harvard Willy Wonka. His restaurant hails from the future with breathable chocolates and pods of frozen yogurt wrapped in edible skin. It’s a foodie’s dream!

So, let’s go over this again. Cambridge has: History, Intellect, ICE CREAM, food labs, and so much more! Did we mention it’s also about a 15 minute train ride to Boston? Are you ready to go yet?


Things to Do and See

Check Out a 42-Foot Kronosaurus
Harvard Museum of Natural History features a collection of 12,000 specimens and is the university's most visited museum. The permanent galleries exhibit dinosaurs, fossils, gemstones, meteorites and the world famous Blaschka 'Glass Flowers'. Admire the 42-foot Kronosaurus, a marine reptile from the time of the dinosaurs and the world's only mounted specimen!

Find Poetic Inspiration at Longfellow's House
Located on Brattle Street, Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site was the home of American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The house was built in 1759 and served as the headquarters for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. At first, Longfellow lived in the house as a tenant, but later, his father-in-law bought it for Longfellow and his wife. He lived in the house until his death in 1882. The house and gardens are open every day, and tours are offered seasonally.

Explore the World of Robotics at the MIT Museum
The MIT Museum, founded in 1971, is known for its collections related to the history of MIT, maritime history, holography, photography, robotics and much more. The 5,000 square foot Mark Epstein Innovation Gallery is located on the ground floor and showcases the most recent research and developments in technology at MIT.

Take the Hahvahd Tour
The Hahvahd Tour is a 70 minute walking tour of Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The tour is lead by Harvard students, who scripted the tours as unique theatrical performances featuring several themes. The tour will take you to see major Harvard landmarks like John Harvard Statue, Johnston Gate, Widener Library, Harvard Lampoon, Memorial Church and Winthrop Park.

Drink... rather, Inhale a Cocktail at Cafe ArtScience
Imagine if you could inhale your morning coffee for an instant hit of caffeine. Well, there's no reason to just imagine it - you can actually inhale a coffee at Cafe ArtScience for a mere $2! The Cafe is something between a restaurant, a bar, an art gallery and a concept shop. It's located in Kendall Square next to Le Laboratoire Cambridge (an art, science, and innovation center). Both the restaurant and center are creations of David Edwards, a Harvard professor of biomedical engineering. Innovations include the WikiPearl, an edible "skin" for serving everything from water and ice cream, and Le Whaf, a machine that turns liquid into vapor!











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