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Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech and enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software.

Kelsey is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile. When he is not slinging Go code you can catch him giving technical workshops covering everything from Programming, System Administration and Kubernetes.

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Kenneth Duda
Arista Networks

Kenneth Duda is a pioneer in high-performance networking software and lead architect of Arista Networks EOS, a stateful modular operating system for all Arista Networks products. He is also the co-author of network virtualization specifications including VXLAN with VMware and NVGRE with Microsoft. From 2005 to 2008, Ken was also the Acting President of Arista Networks.

Prior to joining Arista Networks, Ken was the CTO at, where he played a lead role in designing a real-time 3-D distributed system that scaled to thousands of simultaneous users. Ken was also the first employee of Granite Systems and led the software development effort for the Catalyst 4000 product line after the acquisition by Cisco.

Ken has 3 simultaneous engineering degrees from MIT and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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Dave Meyer
Brocade Communications

David Meyer is currently Chief Scientist and Fellow at Brocade Communications, where he works on future directions for Internet technologies. His current focus is the use machine learning (and in particular deep learning) for networking applications.  Prior to joining Brocade, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems, where he also worked as a developer, architect, and visionary on future directions for Internet technologies. Most recently he served as the chair of the Technical Steering Committee of the OpenDaylight Projecthe is currently the Chair of the OpenDaylight Board of Directors). He has been a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) of the the IETF ( and the chair/co-chair of many working groups. He is alsoactive in the operator community, where he has been a long standing member of the NANOG (, RIPE,and APRICOT program committees (and served as NANOG program committee chair from 2008-2011). Mr. Meyer is also a frequent speaker at major industry and academic conferences.

Mr. Meyer is also currently Director of the Advanced Network Technology Center at the University of Oregon where he is also a Senior Research Scientist inthe department of Computer Science.. One of his major projects at the University of Oregon is routeviews (see

Prior to joining Cisco, he served as Senior Scientist, Chief Technologist and Director of IP Technology Development at Sprint.

See for more information.


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Anees Shaikh

I am with the Network Architecture team at Google where I work on operational aspects related to SDN, cloud networking, network visibility, and configuration and management in Google’s production networks. Prior to joining Google, I was the Chief SDN Architect in IBM System Networking I was responsible for IBM's SDN product architecture and technical strategy, including leading open source networking engagements.

I currently coordinate the OpenConfig operator working group. I have given talks at a number of industry forums, including ONS, ODL Summits, OPNFV summit, Tech Field Day, and OpenStack Summit.

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Christopher Young
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As a consulting TME of the Global Technical Marketing FlexManagement Team, Chris’s focus is on network management and surrounding areas including monitoring, automation, and orchestration as they apply to the network domain.  

Chris’s current interest lay in the crossroads of code and infrastructure. spending time contributing to multiple open-source projects, including as the primary author of the pyhpeimc python library for consuming the HPE Intelligent Management Center RESTful API.

You can find him writing about his journey at, or on Twitter as @netmanchris.

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Leslie Carr

Leslie Carr is currently on the board of directors at SFMIX and happily running away from the responsibilities of day jobs. Before becoming a funemployed bum, Leslie was a devops engineer at Cumulus Networks. Previous to that, she was on the production side of the world at many large websites, such as Google, Craigslist, and Wikimedia. She is a lover and user of open source and automation, and she dreams of robots taking over all of our jobs one day.


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Dinesh Dutt
Cumulus Networks

Dinesh G Dutt has been in the networking industry for the past 15 years, most of it at Cisco Systems. Most recently, he was a Fellow at Cisco Systems. He has been involved in enterprise and data center networking technologies, including the design of many of the ASICs that powered Cisco's mega-switches such as Cat6K and the Nexus family of switches. 

He also has experience in storage networking from his days at Andiamo Systems and in the design of FCoE. He is a co-author of TRILL and VxLAN and has filed for over 40 patents.

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Petr Lapukhov

Petr is a network engineer at Facebook, working on monitoring and control system for the network infrastructure. Prior to Facebook, Petr worked at Microsoft as part of the team that built and supported the Bing data-center networks.

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Matt Oswalt

Matt Oswalt is a network software developer, currently focusing on bringing simple software tools and applications to network infrastructure. He is involved with several communities including software development, networking, and containers. You can find him writing about his experiences at , or on Twitter as @Mierdin.

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Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe is a blogger, speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, and IT industry veteran. In his role as an engineering architect on the NSX team at VMware, Inc., he focuses on open source, cloud computing, networking, and network virtualization. Scott has authored a number of books, and is currently part of a team of co-authors working on a book with O'Reilly about network programmability and automation. Scott's been sharing technical content regularly on his blog at for over 10 years. He is based in Denver, CO.

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Colin McNamara
Dimension Data
Colin McNamara is a seasoned leader with 18 years experience with network, systems and application technologies. As the Director of the DevOps Practice for Dimension Data Americas he manages an organization consisting of a DevOps team as well as an Agile software development team with a primary focus of SDN and open source cloud platforms for North and South America.
He is a firm believer in the evolving role that community, educational and corporate Open Source contribution have to play in todays technology marketplace. Through his efforts in his own company, the community and projects like OpenStack, OpenDaylight and others his goal is to define what next generation DevOps organizations look like.
He can be found occasionally posting his thoughts on things at as well as posting pictures of him and his son having adventures across Austin and the world via his twitter account - @colinmcnamara
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