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The Enterprise End User Summit is an exclusive invitation-only event that brings together high performance end users with the highest level Linux community developers. The two day conference is a unique opportunity for education and interaction, including:

  • Giving end users the opportunity to learn about upcoming developments in Linux to maximize their investment
  • Providing end users a direct connection and voice to the most senior members of the kernel community
  • Offering the kernel community direct access and knowledge sharing with the end user community, especially advanced users of their product
  • Fostering technical problem solving by identifying needs and coming up with technology solutions
  • Educating end users on Linux advancements and the “way the community works” along with best practices exchanges between these groups
  • Enabling cutting-edge end users to network together and learn from each other’s deployments

Who Attends:

CTOs, Chief Architects and their top technical teams including architects and senior IT representatives, kernel developers and Linux community leaders.