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Are you interested in attending Linux Kernel Summit? Please see below for the following ways to participate. 

Tuesday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 25 - Kernel Summit Track at Open Source Summit Europe

To attend the Kernel Technical Discussions, please register for Open Source Summit Europe.


Thursday, October 26 - Maintainer Summit (Invite Only) and Workshops (Open to All!)

The Maintainer Summit is open to invited attendees only. If you have received an invitation to attend the Maintainer Summit, please select "Maintainer Summit Registration" and enter the access code you were provided. If you need assistance or can't locate your access code, email

Workshop topics will be announced at a later date. They are open to anyone attending the Kernel Summit tracks. If you are interested in attending, email the program chair for an invitation.


Sponsor Registration

If you are a sponsor, you will need an access code to register. Please contact us at to gain the access code.



General Sponsors