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The annual Linux Storage, Filesystem and Memory Management Summit for 2014 will be held on March 24th and 25th before the Linux Foundation Collaboration summit at The Meritage Resort, Napa Valley, CA.

Note that we are running LSF/MM a little earlier in 2014 than in previous years.

On behalf of the committee I would like to issue a call for agenda proposals that are suitable for cross-track discussion as well as more technical subjects for discussion in the breakout sessions.

1) Suggestions for agenda topics should be sent before January 31st 2014 to:

and cc the Linux list or lists that are most interested in it:

People who need more time for visa applications should send proposals before January 15th. The committee will complete the first round of selections on that date to accommodate applications.

Please remember to tag your subject with [LSF/MM TOPIC] to make it easier to track. Agenda topics and attendees will be selected by the program committee, but the final agenda will be formed by consensus of the attendees on the day.

We will try to cap attendance at around 25-30 per track to facilitate discussions although the final numbers will depend on the room sizes at the venue.

2) Requests to attend the summit should be sent to:

Please summarize what expertise you will bring to the meeting, and what you would like to discuss. Please also tag your email with [LSF/MM ATTEND] so there is less chance of it getting lost in the large mail pile.

Presentations are allowed to guide discussion, but are strongly discouraged. There will be no recording or audio bridge. However, we expect that written minutes will be published as we did in previous years




3) If you have feedback on last year's meeting that we can use to improve this year's, please also send that to:

Thank you on behalf of the program committee:

  • Dave Chinner, Red Hat
  • James Bottomley, Parallels
  • Jan Kara, SUSE
  • Jeffrey Layton, Red Hat
  • Jens Axboe, Facebook
  • Martin Petersen, Oracle
  • Mel Gorman, SUSE
  • Mike Christie
  • Michel Lespinasse, Google
  • Rik van Riel, Red Hat
  • Ted Ts'o, Google
  • Trond Myklebust

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