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Children's Book Drive

Help us inspire the next generation! Donate to our Book Drive!

The idea is simple. Our goal is to collect 20,000 children’s books this year via attendee book donations at our conferences worldwide. These books will be donated to children in local areas of each conference. Help us reach our goal!

Literacy is at the heart of learning - and access to books at an early age directly correlates to academic success and development of important soft skills, including self-confidence, independence, tolerance, and understanding. The Linux Foundation is launching Tux’s Bookworms - an initiative to provide books to children in low-income areas and contribute to the development of future generations.

How to Participate: Bring one or more of the following types of books with you to the event. A donation station will be set up near Registration where you can personalize your books with a message and drop them off.

Types of Books: Books for kids of all ages including: Baby, Board, Spanish, Rhyming, Story, Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Animal, Picture, STEM, Chapter books (Please no coloring books, textbooks, activity books, or books that are scribbled in, musty or damaged).

All books will be donated to the Roundabout China at the conclusion of the event.  Roundabout China supports 48 charitable organizations in the Beijing area and many more throughout China, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia.

儿童图书募捐活动 !

2017 年伊始,Linux Foundation 启动了Tux’s Bookworms -计划,旨在向低收入地区的儿童捐赠图书,为下一代的成长贡献微薄之力。识字是学习的基本目的,童年时代阅读适当书籍直接关系到未来的学业成功和重要素质(包括自信、独立性、忍耐力和理解力)的培养。


如何参加:携带一本或多本书籍前往活动现场,下面列出了首选的图书类型。我们将在登记处旁边设立捐赠站,您可以在所赠书籍中留下赠言。所有图书将在活动结束时捐赠给  Roundabout China. Roundabout China 与北京的 48 家慈善机构及中国其他地区和蒙古的更多慈善机构建立了合作关系。


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