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Open technology and innovation is at the core of our strategy. Open by design™ is the principle we base our approach and have delivered unparalleled integration of open technologies across our strategic cloud and cognitive solutions. Therefore, IBM is proud to have Node.js as one of the most used run-times in IBM Cloud application development and we are committed to investing and cultivating a strong commitment to its enhancement and further development. You can learn more about the role that Node.js plays in our cloud platform, IBM Bluemix, by visiting

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Innovate, accelerate and transform your business. 

Innovate with Node.js & Microservices. Accelerate with rapid software delivery. Transform into a software-driven company.

nearForm specialise in helping large enterprises adopt and take advantage of disruptive technologies (Valley Tech). As a company we have been early adopters and innovators with several key trends including Node.js, micro-services and containers. We have successfully helped our clients leverage these and other technologies to accelerate development and deployment of key business initiatives. 

YLD is a team of highly motivated and experienced individuals with a passion for software engineering and a dream of making digital transformation possible for everyone.

We use open source technology like Node.js and Docker to help build our client’s infrastructures, we help them strengthen their software engineering culture and create the agility necessary to compete in the market, and are responsible for some of the largest Node.js solutions in production today.


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Opbeat is the application monitoring platform built for developers. Opbeat integrates with Git and combines performance metrics, release tracking, error logging and mobile alerts into a single simple service; we make monitoring and debugging your production apps much faster and your code better. Swing by our booth by the developer lounge for a sneak-peak of our Node.JS beta.

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ADMIN Magazine is all about the real world of system administration. Subscribe at, and follow us on Twitter at @admagazine.

Linux Pro Magazine (called Linux Magazine outside North America) delivers the hands-on technical information you need to get the job done. Subscribe at, and follow us on Twitter at @linux_pro.

Structure Events is a leading global voice on emerging technologies.  With high level events focused on big data, cyber security, mobile/IoT and cloud technologies, the possibilities for valuable business development conversations are endless.  Visit for more information.