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Please join us at the first ONAP post-release developer forum and submit a presentation proposal to share your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the community. This event will include topics for end-users, VNF Providers, and the ONAP developer community. 

Topic Areas Include but are not limited to:
* ONAP User Feature Set Deep Dive - SDC, Closed-Loop Automation, Portal, Policy, etc.
* How To Deploy/Manage/Use ONAP
* VNF On-Boarding, Requirements, and Operations
* ONAP and SDO Activity
* Service Orchestration and the needs of Users
* Security
* Active, or Planned Deployments of ONAP
* Novel Uses Of ONAP

In addition to the above general topics, this event will also contain sessions dedicated to current & future topics related to the development of ONAP for the second release (code-named "Beijing"). Topics in this portion of the event will be similar to topics within the previous developer events held throughout 2017. These include:
* Dependency discovery across ONAP projects
* Release Planning for Beijing
* Testing strategies for Beijing
* Production-Ready Characteristics - Stability, Scalability, Security, Performance, Resiliency, etc.
* General Project & Subcommittee Meetings