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The OpenDaylight Developer Design Forum (DDF) is the premiere gathering for OpenDaylight developers. This event is the place to share your big ideas and to dig deep on the design plans for the upcoming Nitrogen release. 

Power users of OpenDaylight will also enjoy the opportunities to share their ideas and requirements with the developers as part of the release planning process. Users can benefit from learning about the process, timelines and design choices, become more engaged with the developer community, as well as directly influence the future direction of the Project. 

Contributors* to the Nitrogen Release can register for the event for $200.

Non-contributors can register for $400. A limited number of students will be able to register for the event at no cost.

*Please note that in order to register as a contributor and receive the discounted rate, you will be required in the registration process to provide one Gerrit "Change Number" you contributed during Nitrogen development (This is a 5-digit number in the upper left corner of the Gerrit Change-Screen for your submission).

For additional information, please contact us at