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OpenDaylight Mini Summit

OpenDaylight Mini Summit

Monday, June 12

1:30 - 17:00

OpenDaylight is the largest open SDN project in the industry, with a developer community and commercial ecosystem that spans the globe. With the 6th release (“Carbon”) just released and the Nitrogen release moving forward, this mini-summit will be a great opportunity to engage with developer leaders and get all your questions answered.

Speakers and topics for group discussion will include:

  • Overview of Carbon enhancements and emerging use cases (Phil Robb, Linux Foundation)
  • Enhancements in Service Function Chaining 
  • Best practices for engaging in the upstream project, and new ways for the Project to facilitate Chinese engagement (Daniel Farrell, Red Hat)
  • Panel of Chinese community leaders to discuss the evolution of a multi-organizational developer community within China (Chinese language session, recap in English)



1:30 - 17:00



  • 增强Carbon版和新兴用例概述 (Phil Robb,Linux基金会)

  • 增强服务功能链

  • 和上游项目合作的最佳做法,以及促进中国开发者参与项目的新途径 (Daniel Farrell,红帽)

  • 中国社区领导小组讨论中国多组织开发者社区的演变


Time Session Name Speaker
13:30-14:10 Overview of Carbon enhancements and emerging use cases Phil Robb, The Linux Foundation
14:15-14:55 Enhancements in Service Function Chaining  
15:00-15:15 Break  
15:15- 15:55 Best Practices or Engaging in the Upstream Project, and New Ways for the Project to Facilitate Chinese Engagement Daniel Farrell, Red Hat)
16:00-17:00 Evolution of a Multi-Organizational Developer Community Within China Panel

Moderator: Kevin Yin (Tethrne)

Panelists: George Zhao (Huawei). Huan Linying and Weiqiang Cheng  (ZTE)


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