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The Xen Project creates an industry leading open source hypervisor that is powering some of the largest clouds in production today.

During 10 years of development, the Xen Project enabled many different use cases covering datacentre and server virtualization, cloud computing, desktop virtualization, security for desktop computing and within hardware appliances. More recently, the Xen Project started to expand into new markets covering NFV, mobile virtualization, embedded virtualization and automotive.

The Xen Project Developer and Design Summit brings together the Xen Project’s community of developers and power users for their annual developer conference. The conference is about sharing ideas and the latest developments, sharing experience, planning, collaboration and above all to have fun and to meet the community that defines the Xen Project.

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  • To showcase your thought leadership among a vibrant open source community
  • To recruit top technical talent
  • To create brand preference for your products, services and/or technologies
  • To connect with top influencers driving today's technology purchasing decisions

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