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The CFP is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

The Xen Project User Summit will feature content for developers, integrators and power users of the Xen Project. We are looking for presentations related to development, such as development proposals, updates on feature development, project updates, etc. We are also looking for insight into best practices in deploying Xen Project at scale, case studies by Xen Project users and other topics that large scale users of Xen Project care about.



The program committee will be looking for presentations and workshops related to working with the Xen Project. Topics related to Xen Project Development include development proposals, updates on feature development, project updates, discussions and proposals on the architectural evolution of Xen Project, best practices of Xen Project development, studies and benchmarks of system characteristics such as performance/scalability/security/ease of use/power consumption, lessons learned, interfacing with other open source projects, making Xen Project easier to consume by distros, etc. 

We are also interested in proposals that provide insight into best practices in deploying Xen Project, case studies by Xen Project users and other topics that large users and integrators of Xen Project care about. This includes everything from deploying Xen Project or its sister projects at scale, best practices for working with Xen Project, case studies by users of Xen Project, Xen Project benchmarks, tips and tricks in securing Xen Project based clouds, topics related to managing Xen Project-based environments, open source projects that are related to Xen Project and deliver benefits to Xen Project users, 3rd party Xen Project integrations, etc. As a Xen Project user, a proposal that catches the developers attention, is your chance to spark a debate that will influence what is developed by the Xen Project. Of keen interest currently are proposals on the use and integration of Xen Project software in cloud solutions.

In short, if it’s relevant to Xen Project development, integration and usage we are interested in what you might have to say. 

Timeline and Deadlines

You can submit a proposal at any time for Xen Project User Summit. Please keep in mind that the deadline is June 11, 2014.

Presentation Types

Presentations should be for 25 or 50 minutes. Chose the length of your submission based on the content that you have. Note that we have been overwhelmed with talk proposals in the past and have thus asked speakers to modify talks to fit into a shorter slot. 

Travel Sponsorships

Not sure if you can afford the airfare and lodging to attend the summit? Please don’t let that stop you from submitting your best proposal. We may be making a number of travel sponsorships available for speakers who have useful information to share with the Xen Project community.