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CI/CD as a Service: Moving Towards Scalable Continuous Delivery
Samed Guner & Abhinav Srivastava, SAP

At SAP Artificial Intelligence we build and run a large number of microservices from different teams across different time zones, different technologies and different hyperscalers.  Given this diversity in people, time and technologies everyone starts to build their own CI/CD, infrastructure management, testing strategies and many more. This leads to repetitive work, unfilled security/product standards, high lead time, firefighting and a sleepless operations team. So what is the answer to all of these problems?  As the central AI DevOps team we want to share our journey and experience in building a centrally governed CI/CD, one-click onboarding, infrastructure management, test strategy and delivery process. In particular how to use Jenkins pipelines at scale to support over 200 developers and how to streamline deployments using Spinnaker and ArgoCD while managing the infrastructure.
Supercharge Cloud Migration with Progressive Delivery
Rosemary Wang, Hashicorp.
You’re ready to send some canary traffic to a newly refactored application in a new cloud provider while the former application resides in your current datacenter or cloud. However, you encounter a problem: you haven’t aggregated application metrics from both environments, and you’ll have to manually review a dashboard to determine whether or not to increase the percentage of canary traffic. Is there an automated way to do this? In this talk, Rosemary combines canary analysis with the powers of service mesh observability and traffic management to supercharge migrations in multiple environments with progressive delivery. She’ll demonstrate that setting up tools such as HashiCorp Consul, Prometheus, and Spinnaker can help scale the migration and support of refactored applications across multiple clouds or platforms while reducing their production risk.
Evolution of CICD in CapitalOne
Gokul Prabagaren & Rajesh Srinivasan, CapitalOne
Capital One is the first U.S. bank to exit on-prem legacy data centers and go all in on the cloud. We came very far in our journey of being a 100% Cloud operated company. From the initial days of having separate teams to support and deploy the development team’s code changes to production, now we are deploying the majority of our production changes as CICD enabled push button changes. This talk focuses on our CICD journey from our humble beginnings to where we are today. It focuses on various phases of CICD development and adoption within our organization. From the initial days of custom scripting to matured inner-sourced framework for CICD, we have gone through various issues, challenges and learned a lot of lessons over the course of our journey. We felt it worth sharing with a broader audience in this forum.
The 5-Step Checklist for your Migration to Tekton
Priti Desai, IBM & Jerop Kipruto, Google
What do you use to build, test, and deploy your cloud native applications? Is your choice of CI/CD solution powerful yet flexible for all of your use cases? Have you heard about Tekton? Tekton is an Open Source CI/CD pipelines execution engine. Tekton Pipelines can define Steps, Tasks (collection of steps), Custom Tasks (advanced Run objects), and Pipelines (collection of Tasks and Custom Tasks). Pipelines also support resources to connect multiple Tasks through input/output models or workspaces to share a file system across many different Tasks. Tekton is implemented based on four core design principles: Reusability Simplicity Flexibility Conformance Tekton is highly optimized for building and deploying cloud native applications compared to other CI/CD tools. In this session, we will demonstrate migrating common CI/CD pipelines to Tekton by building a checklist for the migration.
How Netflix
Autoscales CI

Rahul Somasunderam, Netflix
Netflix’s CI currently builds about 35k unique build configurations and about 500k builds/wk. We use Spinnaker for CD and most of our infrastructure runs on AWS. In this talk, we will discuss how autoscaling is being used to improve efficiency and developer experience.
Spinnaker at Airbnb Jens Vanderhaeghe & Manish Maheshwari, AirbnbIt’s been almost two years since Airbnb started investing in Spinnaker. In the past year, we’ve hit some significant milestones in our quest to bring Continuous Delivery to all of Airbnb engineering. In this talk by Jens Vanderhaeghe (Software Engineer) and Manish Maheshwari (Product Manager), you will learn how we’ve made Spinnaker generally available and how we’ve convinced hundreds of teams to adopt Spinnaker for their deployment process. We’ll cover some of the challenges we’ve faced fitting Spinnaker to Airbnb’s specific use cases and how we leverage Spinnaker to reduce Airbnb site downtime and improve deployment velocity.
Accelerate your Culture of Innovation with Everyday Inclusion
Shaaron Alverez, Disney
Based on 10 years of research on cognitive diversity and innovation, we know that safer and more inclusive DevOps teams perform and innovate better. Companies that have more diverse management drive 19% higher revenue due to greater innovation. Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%. And 67% of job seekers look for evidence of inclusion and equality programs when considering a new company. Yet, leaders still struggle to create an inclusive environment for their teams. In this presentation, Shaaron will share effective and actionable practices to help DevOps teams and managers embody inclusion through everyday interaction and collaboration.







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