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First off, we need more open source collaboration in gaming! Current choices of 3D engines are okay, but they could be better. Top-quality 3D engines are as complex as operating systems. They take a long time to build, necessitate a huge investment, and require specialized knowledge and integration experience across a range of technology areas. We can do the same for 3D engines that Linux did for operating systems.

O3DECon is the official conference of the O3D Foundation whose mission is to build an open source, fully-featured, high-fidelity, realtime 3D engine for building games and simulations that will allow gaming companies to:

  • Use free and flexible AAA open source 3D engine with permissive licensing 
  • Dedicate more resources to building the game or simulation and not the underlying engine
  • Gain a head start with a complete and all inclusive package to build upon
  • Become a part of a community of high-quality experts in many diverse areas

O3DECon is where the development community bringing an open source 3D engine to fruition will collaboration and learn from each other in order to:

  • Create reliable and secure open source code and accelerate development through collaboration
  • Support and sustain dependable projects within the O3D Foundation
  • Build a vibrant upstream community

If you are a developer or community leader interested in being a part of this community, don’t miss O3DECon 2021 – register now.