Xen Developer & Design Summit

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Speaker Guide


Thank you for speaking at the Xen Project Developer & Design Summit 2021, taking place virtually on Tuesday, May 25 – Friday, May 28.

This is your official event speaker guide. Please bookmark this page for easy reference and continue to check back as the event gets closer as we will be adding additional speaker information. If you have any questions, please email cfp@linuxfoundation.org.

Please click through the tabs on this page to access information.

Important Deadlines

  • Speaker Registration Deadline: Monday, May 3
  • Presentation Deadline: Friday, May 21


To confirm that you will be presenting, please register as a speaker by Monday, May 3, and use the access code XDDSSPKR21. If you are not registered by May 3, there is a possibility that your speaking slot will be replaced by one on our waiting list so please do so promptly. 

Schedule + Uploading Bio / Photo

The schedule will be announced Wednesday, April 28, and will be posted on our website using sched.com. You will receive an email directly from sched.com asking you to create your account; please make sure to upload your bio and photo.

Please note presentation sessions & panel discussions are 30 minutes in length. If you have a conflict with the timing of your talk or find that it conflicts with the content of another talk; or are having problems uploading your bio and photo, please contact Jennifer Crowley

PowerPoint Template + Presentation Requirements

Due by Friday, May 21

All speakers are required to submit their final presentation slides ahead of the event. In addition to providing a hard copy for accessibility purposes, we find that adding the presentations before the event helps to drive interest in attending the session. Please send presentations to xenevents@linuxfoundation.org.

If you would like to use the Xen Project PowerPoint template for your presentation, you can download it here. (Please note it is not required to use the presentation template.)

Promote Your Talk

Once the schedule is announced on Wednesday, April 28, we appreciate you spreading the word about #xendevsummit and your session – please find some sample tweets below to share on your social channels!

  • Proud to be chosen as a speaker for #xendevsummit  – visit “link to your session” to add my talk to your schedule!
  • Thrilled to announce I’ll be presenting at #xendevsummit! Visit Xen 2021 to see the full schedule 👍

Inclusive Speaker Orientation Online Course

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), has created an online course designed to teach the viewer about inclusion, diversity, and unconscious bias. It is strongly encouraged by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation that all our speakers watch the course to learn tips/tools to use when speaking to encourage inclusivity in presentations and messaging.

Click here for the course.  

Code of Conduct

Please read and abide by our code of conduct, which can be found here. We ask that speakers especially review this code of conduct and are inclusive in the words and images used during their presentation.

Contact Us

Do you have a speaker or schedule-related question? Please contact us at cfp@linuxfoundation.org.