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View overlooking Heidelberg Germany from across the river, with a castle in the background.

About Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg is a city full of history, culture, architecture, and cuisine. A picturesque combination of the castle, the Old Town, and the Neckar river encompassed by hills, which inspired the poets and artists of romanticism, continues to draw millions of tourists annually.

Tour Heidelberg Castle

Visit the Heidelberg Castle to see the largest wine keg in the world!

Neckar River Boat Cruise

Experience Heidelberg and the Neckar River from their most beautiful side!

Explore “Old Town”

Explore the oldest part of the city, the historic heart of Heidelberg

Old Bridge

Whether you are looking at the houses on the Neuenheim bank, the houses of the Old Town, or the Heidelberg Castle, on the bridge you have a 360 degree view that could not be more beautiful.