Cloud Native DevX Day North America

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Cloud native workflows and Kubernetes in particular made a lot of things easier at scale. As adoption continues to grow and clusters are spun up with the click of a button in seconds, the focus of the ecosystem is shifting more and more left: to the individual developer and their experience while developing and deploying cloud native applications.

The Kubernetes learning curve and the explosion and fragmentation of tools in our industry are increasingly a concern for teams adopting cloud native patterns. Developers need to learn a lot on their journey to cloud native – packaging, containers, micro services, all-remote collaboration, distributed testing and continuous integration/delivery.

Cloud Native DevX Day is for all creators, collaborators, teams, companies and projects who are aware of cloud native challenges and aim to make developers feel like everything is at their fingertips.

Topics include:

  • Cloud native development and preview environments
  • Developer portals and platforms
  • Abstracting Kubernetes

Who Should Attend

Individual developers, teams, companies and projects who want to reduce friction for developers when trying to get the job done.



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