Cloud Native eBPF Day North America

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eBPF is transforming Cloud Native. Co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon,  eBPF Day is a vendor-neutral conference that explores this transformational technology and its impact on the future of Cloud Native. 

By making the Linux kernel programmable, eBPF has resulted in the development of a completely new generation of tooling in areas such as networking, security, application profiling/tracing, and performance troubleshooting. No longer is it necessary to rely on existing kernel functionality; now, it’s possible to actively reprogram runtime behavior without compromising execution efficiency or safety.

The highly dynamic nature of orchestrated container environments, like Kubernetes, creates challenges for traditional networking, monitoring, and security tools. Leveraging eBPF allows for significantly greater scalable and performant connectivity, observability that has native understanding of Kubernetes constructs, and security that leverages the Linux kernel to enforce Kubernetes-native network segmentation and continuously validate compliance. This conference will explore both eBPF itself and the use of eBPF-based open source tools to enhance Cloud Native deployments. 

You will learn:

  • A baseline understanding eBPF and how it’s transforming every part of cloud native
  • How end-users are leveraging eBPF in production environments
  • How eBPF accelerates cloud native adoption 

Who Should Attend

The conference is targeted at Cloud Native and Kubernetes users looking to enhance the connectivity, observability and/or security of their Kubernetes environments with eBPF or eBPF-based tools. Kubernetes platform teams, security





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