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Zephyr Developer Summit


Launched in 2021, Zephyr Developer Summit is for developers using or considering Zephyr in embedded products. This year we will be focusing on supporting topics of interest to users of Zephyr, developers contributing upstream, and maintainer specific topics.

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Call for Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through February 10.

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Zephyr Developer Summit topics include:

  • User
    • Zephyr in the Field: Practical Experiences and Lessons Learned
    • Zephyr Infrastructure and New Developer Onramp
    • Machine Learning on Zephyr Systems
    • Products Running Zephyr. Example uses of Zephyr in Industrial, Agriculture, Energy, Medical, Aerospace, Wearables, etc.
  • Developer
    • Subsystem Status and Overview
    • Updates on Ecosystem, West, Modules, Runtimes, Developer Environments, etc.
    • Developer Tooling
    • Test Infrastructure, Code Coverage, Tracing, Fuzzing, and Static Analysis Tool
    • Power Management
    • Connectivity
    • Use in Mixed Criticality Systems.
    • Architecture Support (including Arm® Cortex®-M, Intel x86, ARC, NIOS II, Tensilica Xtensa, and RISC-V…)
  • Maintainer
    • Subsystem Evolution and Planning Discussions (aka Miniconfs)
    • Security and Vulnerability Management
    • Secure Device Provisioning and Management
    • Safety Certification and LTS Management
    • Code Quality and Coding Guidelines
    • Proposed New Technologies for Inclusion into the Project
    • Documentation
  • Other, Please Specify