Automotive Linux Summit

The Automotive Linux Summit gathers together the most innovative minds from automotive expertise and open-source excellence including automotive systems engineers, Linux experts, R&D managers, business executives, open-source licensing and compliance specialists and community developers. The event connects the developer community driving the innovation in this area together with the vendors and users providing and using the code in order to drive the future of embedded devices in the automotive arena.

Program Chairs:

  • Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux, The Linux Foundation
  • Noriaki Fukuyasu, Vice President, The Linux Foundation Japan
  • Walt Miner, Community Manager, Automotive Grade Linux, The Linux Foundation

Schedule Overview

Wednesday, June 20

  • Sessions
  • Conference Tracks
  • Sponsor Showcase

Thursday, June 21

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Conference Tracks
  • Sponsor Showcase
  • Speaker & Media Reception

Friday, June 22

  • Keynote Sessions
  • Conference Tracks
  • Sponsor Showcase
  • All-Attendee Reception

Areas of Focus

  • Connected Car, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C)
  • Security And Privacy
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
  • Augmented Reality, Heads-Up Display
  • Maps and Driving Directions
  • Telematics And Emergency Call Services
  • Delivering Live Content And Updates To Vehicles In Motion
  • Legal Issues
  • Functional Safety And Open Source Software
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • W3C for Automotive
  • Non-AGL Technical Projects (e.g. Smart Roads, Self-Driving Vehicles, CarPlay, Android Auto)
  • Non-Technical Subjects (e.g. Lifestyle, Productivity)




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