Who Attends

Focusing on the intersection of financial services and open source, Open FinTech Forum will provide CIOs and senior technologists guidance on building internal open source programs as well as an in-depth look at cutting-edge open source technologies, including AI, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, Kubernetes/Containers, Quantum Computing, that can be leveraged to drive efficiencies and flexibility.

Open FinTech Forum better informs IT decision makers in the financial services sector about the open technologies driving digital transformation, and how to best utilize an open source strategy and implementation.


  • CIOs and senior managers responsible for strategy execution looking for guidance on building internal open source programs
  • Senior IT and operations professionals who wish to understand and leverage cutting-edge open source tools and developments in the FinTech space and who would like to receive timely training for their talent pools on disruptive technologies
  • Core open source project contributors, maintainers and leaders
  • Vendors that can assist IT decision makers in implementing key projects and technologies into their stack
  • Open source professionals interested in open source license compliance and learning best practices in constructing in-house open source programs