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The industry’s premier open networking event brings together enterprises, carriers and cloud service providers across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking.

For the past seven years, ONS has united the networking industry ecosystem of network operators, both disruptive and incumbent vendors, open source projects, leading researchers and investors to discuss breaking SDN and NFV developments for immediate impact to shape the future of the networking industry.

As a Linux Foundation event, ONS continues to build on its successes as the premier open source networking event sharing the future of SDN, NFV and Orchestration by further growing the community and accelerating adoption of these technologies. We have optimized 2018 for DevOps & Technical tracks, as well as Business/Executive Leadership tracks across the Ecosystem.

ONS 2018 is the best forum for companies to strengthen their brand,  establish thought leadership, connect with both end customers and partners, showcase innovative products and drive the transformation in the emerging open source networking industry.

ONS is the landmark SDN show right now and it’s a unique show that brings together many different aspects of the industry. It covers telco adoption, cloud adoption, there is more and more discussion of what enterprises of varying sizes—starting with the largest and starting in verticals like financial services—will do with SDN. Of course, the vendors across all those markets are here.

Brad CasemoreResearch Director, Datacenter Networks at IDC

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