Helm v2-to-v3 Workshop

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Workshop Pre-Requisites

If you are planning to participate in the hands-on workshop session, it is highly recommended that you review the below pre-requisites and tasks in order to maximize this workshop.


  • A Kubernetes cluster. For doing the exercise on your local machine, you can use Kind, Docker Desktop, or Minikube.
  • The kubectl program (part of Kubernetes) configured to talk to your cluster
  • The Helm 3 client
  • Optionally, the Helm 2 client

We will provide a preconfigured download that will help you set up your cluster for a practice migration. You will need the kubectl command to install this bundle.

The Tasks:

  • Install the pre-configured bundle that will set up a Helm 2 environment, complete with Helm 2 releases
  • Install and configure Helm 3 and the migration plugin
  • Run the migration
  • Validate the migration
  • Troubleshoot the odd edge cases
  • Perform an upgrade on an existing release, but with Helm 3 (in other words, verify that the migration can be used as the basis for further use)

This workshop will take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on how quickly you want to work, and how in-depth you want to get.