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Cilium + eBPF Day

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19 March 2024

Paris, France

Cilium is an open source, widely-used, and highly scalable cloud native networking, observability, and security solution based on the kernel technology eBPF, that connects workloads in Kubernetes and beyond, with powerful built-in observability and security capabilities. Cilium + eBPF Day focuses on how Cilium and eBPF are being developed, deployed, and used across the cloud native landscape to revolutionize cloud native platforms.

At Cilium + eBPF Day you’ll hear from end users sharing how Cilium and other eBPF projects unlocked levels of scalability, performance, and security that weren’t possible before and from contributors who will teach you about how cloud native projects are leveraging eBPF to gain these benefits. From eBPF internals in cloud native projects to how Cilium and eBPF are helping businesses achieve their goals, you’ll hear it all at Cilium + eBPF Day. Dive deep into the world of high-performance networking, transparent security, and scalable observability at Cilium + eBPF Day!

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