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About Antwerp

Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port, is a multi dimensional hotspot. It’s a trendsetter of fashion, a cornerstone of history, and an architectural destination. It’s the birthplace of Technotronic’s, “Pump Up the Jam”, the world’s first foray into Belgium’s Electronic Music Scene. 400 years ago, it printed the world’s first newspaper. And by most roadsides you can score a delectable Belgian waffle, complete with fruit and whipped cream.

Shine bright like a diamond. 80-90% of the world’s rough diamonds and 50% of its cut diamonds are traded in Antwerp every year. Better brush up on your 5 C’s!

Antwerp’s name, derived from a legend involving a mythical giant, was formed from Dutch words that mean, “to throw a hand”. The legend lives on not only through a statue commemorating the hero in the story but through a famous dessert called Antwerpse Handjes, “Antwerp Hands”. Be sure to get some!

Antwerp Zoo

Visit 6,000 animals at Antwerp Zoo – it’s right next door to the Conference Center!

The Cathedral of Our Lady

See famous paintings and Gothic architecture at The Cathedral of Our Lady

The De Koninck Brewery

Visit The De Koninck Brewery (it’s been around since 1833!).