Open Networking & Edge Summit


We are excited to offer sponsored tutorials throughout the conference! Tutorials will run on Monday – Tuesday and are complementary to Open Networking & Edge Summit attendees. Add a tutorial to your schedule.

Stay tuned for more tutorial announcements in the coming weeks!

Unconventional Approach to Building Elastic and Extensible Cloud Networking, sponsored by Futurewei

Monday, September 28 | 9:00AM – 12:00 PM EST

Mizar is an open-source project for elastic, efficient, extensible, and reliable cloud networking. We designed Mizar with scalable and distributed components that accelerate the provisioning of endpoints. Mizar’s simple-endpoints interconnect multiple types of multi-tenant compute environment, including virtual machines and containers based workloads. Its scaled and proxied-endpoints enable the development of auto-scaling and programmable middle-boxes. Mizar ensures elasticity by scaling packet processing across functions that span dynamic sets of nodes.

We will talk about how we design and implement Mizar’s core functions using XDP and Geneve protocol. Through Mizar’s extensibility, developers can introduce complex packet processing decisions that are hard to develop using a flow-rule programming model. Finally, we will provide a demo of Mizar.