API Specifications Conference

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Speaker Guide


We are excited to welcome you as a speaker for ASC 2022, September 19-21 at the South San Francisco Conference Center in South San Francisco, California. We can’t wait to get together in-person this year!

Please click through the tabs on this page to access information. We recommend bookmarking this page and checking back for additional updates as we get closer to the event.

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Registration Deadline: Thursday, July 14. You should have received registration information in your speaker notification email. Please email ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org if you need this information sent to you again.
  • Additional AV Needs Deadline: Wednesday, August 31
  • Slides Due: Wednesday, September 14
  • Event Dates: Monday, September 19 – Wednesday, September 21


Your registration serves as confirmation that you will be speaking, and you will need to register, by Thursday, July 14. We are also pleased to offer speakers an additional complimentary registration to share with your network.

You should have received registration information in your speaker notification email. Please email ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org if you need this information sent to you again.

Please be aware that anyone coming on site must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and you can review that information on our Health + Safety page. Please check back for updates as we get closer to the events.

Visa Letter Requests

If you require a visa letter, please register for the event and then complete the visa letter request here. Please note you must first register for the event in order for a Visa letter to be processed. It may take up to 24 hours for our registration system and visa letter system to sync.

Travel Funding

If you are applying for travel funding and have not submitted your request, please do so as soon as possible. The deadline for travel funding applications is July 19, 2022. You can access the form here. Note that talk acceptance does not guarantee travel funding.

Venue & Travel Information

This year’s event will take place at:

South San Francisco Conference Center
255 South Airport Boulevard
South San Francisco, CA 94080

We have negotiated a discounted hotel room rate at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Please visit our Venue & Travel page for more information. Rooms will likely sell out in advance of the room block close date of Thursday, August 18, 2022 – we encourage you to book early to secure a room at the conference rate.

Schedule, Timing + Speaker Profiles

The schedule will be announced the week of July 4 and posted on our website using sched.com. You will receive an email directly from sched.com asking you to create your account; please make sure to upload your bio and photo.

If you have a conflict with the timing of your talk or find that it conflicts with the content of another presentation; or are having problems uploading your bio and photo, please contact ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org.

AV Details & Requirements

Breakout session speakers, please note the following technical requirements:

  • All speakers must supply their own computers and adapters to use during their talk.
  • Presentation slides should be formatted in 16:9.
  • The room will include a screen, projector, and (2) microphones.
  • If you require any additional AV, please email ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org with those needs by Wednesday, August 31. We will make every effort to accommodate additional AV needs; however, final approval for additional AV requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Keynote speakers, please note the following technical requirements:

  • All keynote presentations will be loaded onto a production laptop.
  • Presentation slides should be formatted in 16:9.
  • AV equipment will include a wireless microphone, wireless slide advancer, speaker timer, and confidence monitor.
  • If you require any additional AV, please email ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org with those needs by Wednesday, August 31.
  • Please be mindful of the Wednesday, September 14 submission deadline for slides. This allows our production team ample time to create a seamless show.

Presentation Details

All speakers are required to submit their final presentation slides ahead of the event. In addition to providing a hard copy for accessibility purposes, we find that adding the presentations to sessions on the agenda before the event helps to drive interest in attending. The deadline for presentations is Wednesday, September 14.

To upload slides:

  • Log into your speaker profile through Sched.com
  • On the top of the page, click “Manage and Promote Your Session”
  • Click “Add Presentation”
  • Click in the “Select a File” box and add the PDF document (note: there is a 50MB size limit)
  • Click “Upload” and your slides will automatically be saved

An optional PowerPoint template is available to download for your use but is not required.

Virtual speaker information

Videos will be available on the OpenAPI Initiative YouTube channel for attendees to play on demand during the conference and will be included on the conference playlist post-event. Presentations should be up to 30 minutes in length.

We will host a Q&A session for all virtual talks on the OpenAPI Initiative Slack workspace from 12:00 – 1:00 PM PT on Monday, September 19. More information on access to the Slack workspace will follow.

pre-recording information & tools for virtual speakers

All virtual breakout speakers will need to pre-record their talk, which will be available for attendees to play on demand.

Some suggested tools to use for recording are Quicktime, a screen recorder, Google Hangouts, Zoom or something similar that records you and your slides as you present. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

We have multiple options for uploading your pre-recorded presentation:

Videos need to be received no later than Friday, September 9.

technical tips + best practices for virtual presenters

  • Audio – as counterintuitive as it may sound, the single most important factor in a good video, is the audio quality. 
  • Eliminate ambient noise – close the doors and windows. You’d be surprised how much environmental noise gets picked up.
  • Lighting – Do not put lights overhead and don’t put any lights or windows behind you as they will alter the light levels in your videos and create shadows.
  • Background – don’t be afraid to show your natural environment – bookcases, plants, paintings – as long as they are not too distracting.
  • Framing – place yourself slightly off-center to the left or right rather than directly in the middle of the frame.
  • Camera Height – the lens should either be directly level or pointing ever so slightly downwards towards your face.
  • Stand – we recommend you stand during your presentation to help project your voice and improve your posture. However, if you’re more comfortable sitting, then please do.
  • Timer – Have a clock to keep track of the time you have remaining. 

From: https://www.greatspeech.co/video-presentations/

Best Practices for Lighting

  • For best results, use natural light and supplement with additional light as needed.
  • Keep natural light in front of you to avoid shadows. A bright window behind you can make you appear as a dark silhouette. 
  • Interior rooms with no natural light source may require additional targeted lighting, such as a ring light, to brighten the speaker’s face.

Best Practices for Webcams

  • To ensure the speaker is looking directly at the audience, place the webcam at eye level.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds by checking the surroundings behind you to make sure there are no distracting colors or movement.
  • Presenters should use chairs that are adjustable for height but do not swivel. Swiveling on camera creates a poor attendee experience and can be distracting.

Best Practices for Microphones

  • Use external microphones whenever available, as microphones built into computers and cameras often have lower quality. 
  • An external microphone allows the speaker to place it in the optimal location for sound.
  • Place the microphone close to the speaker’s mouth, but not in the camera view.
  • Test audio levels in advance.
  • Manage noise by turning off fans, phones, or speakers and keep ambient noise to a minimum. 
  • Do not touch the microphone while unmuted.

Dress Code

  • There is no dress code for presentations, and we encourage you to be comfortable. That said, you must be aware that the event Code of Conduct applies to this space, both in terms of what you show on camera and what you say. We ask that you be tasteful and considerate in choosing your clothing and surroundings. Keep in mind that we are a global community. Please refrain from wearing shirts with global brand logos that are not your own. Solid colors (not white) also work best instead of prints.

Promote your Talk

We appreciate you spreading the word about #APISpecs2022 and your session – please find some sample tweets below to share on your social channels! You should have received a promotional speaker card with your initial notification email. If you did not receive one, or need it sent again, please contact ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org.

  • @APISpecs #APISpecs2022 is coming up, September 19-21! Yours truly is speaking – more info here: [Insert Link to Talk]
  • Excited to present my talk @APISpecs #APISpecs2022 September 19-21! More info here: [Insert Link to Talk]
  • I’m excited to be presenting @APISpecs #APISpecs2022, September 19-21! Are you attending? Register to join me [Insert link to registration: https://cvent.me/o2B7wD]

Inclusive Speaker Orientation Online Course

In collaboration with the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), the Linux Foundation has created an online course designed to teach the viewer about inclusion, diversity, and unconscious bias. We highly recommend all of our speakers watch the course to learn tips/tools to use when speaking to encourage inclusivity in presentations and messaging.

Code of Conduct

Please read, and abide, by our code of conduct, which you can find here. Our code of conduct is strictly enforced. We ask that speakers especially review this code of conduct and are careful to be inclusive in the words and images used during their presentations.

Contact Us

If you have any other event, speaker, or schedule-related questions, please contact us at ascspeakers@linuxfoundation.org.